Five hard signs you’re growing up…


Growing old is  inevitable, aging is a natural biological process even (no matter how hard the Kardashians try and prevent it). But growing up is not. So here are five brutal things that happen when you realise you’d rather hand in the heels for a horlicks instead..

1. Having 5 Friends 

In high school you see hundreds of people everyday and there isn’t a minute to yorself where you can feel any sort of emotion to lonely. But we all know this can’t last forver and suddenly the 500 friends you had on Facebook last year are now 495 people you don’t really care about and 5 people you actually like. . Although it does make buying birthday presents 10X easier.


2. Looking at kids who are going out and partying and thinking ‘you are not 18’

Ah yes the silent judge of those girls in mini shorts who are definitely borrowing their big sisters ID. After years of not being ID’d these feelings of old lady-ness come a creeping up and only reminding yourself that you are still exactly like them but you wear jeans and won’t start the night off with a bottle of Lambrusco.

3. Your metabolism starts being a bitch 

Some people will remain those slithe pieces of human until they are 80, with 16 year old hips and stomachs that look like it has never seen cake in its life. But then are some that get hit hard by the aging metabolism even if the person themselves isn’t aging quite so fast. And this is just one of those big FU’s that life likes to throw to you. (This is a happy post isn’t it? Although it’s not all bad at least you’ve mastered the art of drinking a bottle of wine without getting off your rocker).

4. You travel more

Years of being stuck in your hometown and only venturing off for the summer holidays with your parents are over. The world of term time is behind you, finally you can see yourself city breaking it in the middle of April and only paying half the price. The world of beach holidays are however behind you and you find yourself in more museums and less clubs than you did in Magaluf 2014.

5. You own cook books

I am one of those people that walks into W H Smiths and longingly looks at all the books, and I find myself being dragged over to the cookery section with the ambition of making parfaits and smoothie bowls. So yes,you find yourself being given cookery books for christmas and with their brightly coloured front covers they sit pride of place in your kitchen, never actually being used because you have a solid diet of pasta and sauce. But if you ever need it, it’s there.

so yes the world of grown up-ing is a place where we start by dipping our toes in the water only to realise that life is about to push you in fully clothed. 

Love Robyn

The White Jeans theory

So last year, I got sick of magazines, I even made a blog post about it. One of the main reasons was because I got so bloody sick of being told what to do.

Get a better butt!

Boyish frames should  pinch in that waist!

You know the drill, in fact I just did a quick Google search and it turns out if you type in ‘magazines body shaming’ you will get a million results and exactly what you bargained for.

Something along these lines…

Because obviously women need these kinds of instructions otherwise we’re all just gunna be running around, with our completely normal belly  fat and our average behinds and that’s just gunna be fucking awful. Oh wait nobody is actually going to care, unless you are Kylie Jenner.

Which makes really annoyed, why are there all these rules and regulations about what to wear or how to get Kardashian booty. This brings me nicely along to my white jeans theory.

The white jeans theory, which yes does sound like a plot line from Jane the Virgin, is actually an unwritten rule in the fun world of fashion and being told what to do. And its a rule which I didn’t even think about, but everyone knows it. Only if your slim, should you wear white jeans.

I’ve never even glanced at pair, in fact sometimes when I see women wearing white jeans I want to ask where they have acquired this specific item of clothing because I’ve never even seen them in a clothes shop. Hmm maybe there is some weight based screening going on and all white jeans are being shielded from my thighs?

There we go, I think I’ve cracked it.

No, what this post is really about follows the idea that the best way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body. And also to bear in mind that when celebrities with an army of personal trainers and a glam squad what hope do we really have, if we don’t just FU to stupid fashion rules every now and again? So if you want to wear those white jeans, you do it. 

Love Robyn


Spicy basil and kidney bean burgers

So usually you don’t hear the words ‘Kidney bean’ and think ‘Oh get in my belly’ but here I have to tastefully disagree.


These concontions look like burgers but they don’t taste like one.

I would be lying to you if I said the mixture of basil and kidney beans tastes anything like an aberdeen angus burger, however if you don’t mind the lack of meatiness then these are satisfying chunks of carbs, spice and cheese. Three things I definitely like. It’s also very speedy to make, great when you can’t really be bothered cooking.


1 tin of kidney beans

A few tablespoons of sweetcorn

1 small red onion

1 clove of garlic (size depends on garlic preference…I use large cloves) 

5-6 fresh basil leaves. Coriander also works great for a more falafel-y taste.

1 teaspoon of spicy Ajvar paste (I’m not sure if you can get this in the UK or America, but can easily be replaced with fresh chilli, again this depends on your spice preference). 

1 egg

1-2 tablespoons of flour (this is only to make the mixture less wet)

salt and pepper

Now because of the kidney beans the patties are already  sweet enough so don’t add any extra sugars or sweetners. This recipe will make around 7-8 ‘burgers’, depending on size.


What to do: 


  1. If you have a food processor, use it! Basically throw all your ingredients in and blend until you create a paste. Not too runny, the best type would be a mixture you can mould into burgers however when I made mine I had to use two spoons to form the circles, but they worked just as well.  If you don’t have a machine, chop your onions, garlic, basil, very fine. Then use a potato masher to mash the beans. Combine everything and add salt and pepper to taste. If you want fries/chips/potatoes now is the time to start boiling them and preparing them.
  2. When you are happy with your paste and your taste (ooh ryhming), whack your frying pan on and start heating up the oil.
  3. Whilst you are waiting for the oil to heat, start toasting your bread buns under the grill. I actually use wholemeal english muffins for my breadcake but you can use whatever.
  4. When the oil is nice and hot (but not spitting) plop one or two patties in your pan. You want them to brown nicely on the bottom, use a spatula to flip and then press down on the cooked side to flatten them. They usually take about 3-5 minutes to firm up. Key an eye out for burnt bottoms!
  5. As you can’t make all the patties at once place the first patties on top of the bread buns which are toasting to keep them warm. I, being a MASSIVE cheese lover, plonked some cheddar/feta on top of the burgers and let it melt.

Now we all know that a burger is nothing without its toppings so here a few ideas….

Fresh salad. Tomatoes. Coleslaw. Fresh herbs. Spicy ketchup/Normal ketchup. More cheese. Gerkins (or pickles). Fresh chilli.

This recipe is extremely practical, you can use whatever leftover salad you have in the fridge for toppings, add whichever herbs and spices you like and the burgers probably take about 15 minutes to make and prepare. Also very yummy. 

Happy eating!

Love Robyn!


Lifestyle, recipes and happiness.

So this is my first post in a long time because I kind of couldn’t be arsed any more. Which really, really annoyed me because blogging was something I used to really enjoy. So detirmined not to let my little blog become one of the many unused URLS that fill the interweb, I let my bowt of frustration and laziness run its course until I became inspired again.

Which I think is my way of saying things are gunna change around here. As much as I loved writing lists, it was bugging me like  a chronic illness So I’ve decided to branch out, I want to fill this blog with my lifestyle adventures (e.g me failing at Zumba, mental health and dealing with moving to a new country).

Not only that but I wanted a place for me to document all my edible delights. Living by mysef has forced to me to branch out and cook, which is actually something I really enjoy. Also like many other people my mindset struggles between saving money, cooking healthily and actually not wanting to eat kale all the time, so heres my take on balancing all three.

Expect lots of pictures of food and me actually talking about things that matter for once. Yaay for change.

So it’s kind of gunna be my take on a lifestyle blog but with lots of blunders and unskilled photography (just like good old times!)

Love, Robyn.

10 things that happen because the days are getting longer…


I don’t know about you but I love summer, I’m blessed with skin that doesn’t burn and full on happy face when I see everywhere all summered up (cherry blossom+ sunshine= summered up). I understand the need for winter but really all that leaf sludge and dark mornings, I could do without it to be honest. So what does happen as the days get longer  (this has nothing to do with turning into Werewolves…sadly).

1) People feel the urge to bare all acceptable areas of skon which framkly should be kept under wraps until July. I mean come on, you’ll get frostbite!

2) You see people you know and love looking after their summer body, with grueling workouts and kale smoothies. Which usually only adds to your guilt for getting wasted on Aperol Spritz last night and having cookies for breakfast.

3) People look at you all sad when you say you spent all day watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt insteading of frolicking in some flowery meadow.

4) You start carrying sunglasses with you at ALL times, even at night because just in case!

5) Every time you pop into Primark for a new pair of sunglasses, you buy 2 swimming costumes, 12 pairs of shorts and come dreaming longingly of your summer holiday…which is still very much imaginary.

6) The words ‘fresh’, ‘balmy’ and ‘beachy’ start describing everything, even boring stuff like oven cleaner.

7) You realise that the time to go for a pedicure is long overdue and your feet are starting to look like blocks of Limestone, it’s definitely not summer for you yet dear!

8) If Instagram isn’t full of Cherry-blossom and pictures of women posting #holidaygoals and Cornettos….are you really sure its summer?

9) You are painfully aware that you can’t wear jeans forever but the thought of shaving your legs after a long winter leaves you a bit light headed just thinking about it.

10) People’s snapchat have to include the accurate temperature, with that heart-eyes emoji.

Love Robyn

5 things I’m loving at the moment!

Bonjour and wie geht’s? This week I am very much feeling the love, the sun has raised its head and looks like summer is finally here!




Number 1 has to go to Phillipa Rice’s cartoon ‘soppy’, these characters have bed head and pizza guts and thats the kind of inspiration I need in my life! Needless to say I’ve spent way to long looking at these and now you need to do the same!



Aperol Spritz! This is actually summer in a bottle, the colour is definitely quite Iron-Brew(y) but don’t let it put you off of enjoying this fizzy orange sensation. Plus it’s got fizzy wine in to get you right sozzled.



Left over Easter chocolates which are slowly fattening me up no matter how hard I try and resist….but Lindt bunnies don’t have calories right?



Cherry blossom in Bonn is looking really mighty fine and even though it sticks to your hair and makes you sneeze like a bitch, of you walk through a street of blossoms you definitely feel like you are in some kind of film montage.



Arab-American blogger and all around fashion icon ‘Nadia Aboulhosn’ has been giving me major lady crush feels and not to mention she’s paving the way for all of us thigh-i-licious ladies out there. *heart eyes emoji*.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Robyn

12 things to embrace…


Hello wonderful world of blogging, ot’s been an interesting few days because phone addicted Robyn had to face reality without a phone because someone…me…left their phone on the bus but thanks to the kindness of strangers my darling Samsung is back in my arms. So the procrastination and blog post writing can begin again! Hurrah!

Seeing as I was feeling positive, I wanted to make this post about accepting things we just can’t defeat…like losing your phone on the bus- it will probably happen!

1) You will go on holiday, drink your body weight in beer and realise that you’ve come home roughly a size and a half bigger.

2) Buying biscuits when you go shopping- it doesn’t matter if you’re hungry or not, they are going in the trolley!

3) The annoying girl at the party will stick to you like glue until you manage to shake her off on the way to the loo.

4) There’s no such thing as ‘popping in for one’. There is a such thing as waking up with a mouth full of Hangover and a mind full of Regret.

5) You can’t plan your life around buses- it’s futile and you need to stop.

6) There is no way to hide the stench of a day kebab.

7) Organic food does admittedly taste a lot better than normal food.

8) People that snapchat you whilst at the gym aren’t trying to shame you, they are an on an endorphine high and don’t care.

9) You can pack your suitcase, prinr boarding pass off etc a week in advance but you will still be got doing the 5 minute rush before you set off to the airport.

10) The sound of chewing is someyhing you will have to learn to live with.

11) Not everybody likes it when you touch their dog.

12) Wearing a white shirt is just asking for bother…

Love Robyn

17 Signs you’re getting ooooold


Getting old is something we can’t avoid, it happens to us all but here are 17 signs you are turning into a grandma (and you like it)…

1) You get a feeling of satisfaction after you clean out your wardrobe and put stuff in binbags for charity.

2) You actually take said bin bags to the charity shop instead of just leaving them in the loft.

3) You start to think that staying up until 4 will probs make you a big grumpy bum seeing as you have to be at work at 8.

4) You bring your own sandwiches to work instead of popping down to M & S and scoffing a bacony meal deal.

5) The saving accounts that used to be called ‘V Festival’ or ‘Magaluf’ are now called ‘pay back overdraft’.

6) You phone your mum to ask about crises such as ‘how to iron a shirt’ less.

7)You actually have been known to watch a foreign telly show with subtitles! Reading and watching TV?!

8) You spend more time binge watching Netflix in your onesie than binge drinking.

9) You know what the word ‘artisan’ means.

10) You have a calander on your fridge that tells you when the bins need to go out.

11) You look at 16 year old girls and wish you still had the guts to go out not wearing a coat.

12) The list of alcoholic beverages that make you make the sound ‘bwprgjydgh’ is getting increasingly longer.

13) Your friends bring red wine to your house instead of 2 bottles of Sainsbury’s basic vodka.

14) Your recipes have extended beyond pasta-pesto and you have been known to dabble into the skillfull world of cake baking.

15) You are more and more likely to be ten minutes early than ten minutes late.
16) People have stopped asking you what you do for a living/study and the annoyinh question ‘well what are you going to do after?’.

17) You regressed somewhat into your school days and bought a planner that contains bin days, period days and friend days, with a pretty notebook cover that makes you feel very organised and sophisticated- and means you haven’t forgotten a friend’s birthday in at least a week!

Love Robyn!

13 signs you’re an absolute diva…


It’s not that you’re  a diva, it’s that you enjoy the finer things in life…your way….every time…

1) You are very specific about any contact involving your chicken nuggets and beans….

2) You are always on the verge of crying at the supermarket…all these choices….

3) Nine times out of ten you will get to see the movie of your choice, even if it’s a terribly, awful chick-flick with no real plot or substance.

4) Your drama teacher once referred to YOU as being too over dramatic and then did an awkward laugh but everyone knew it was true.

5) You always make a big deal about standing up on the bus until that lady who thinks her bag needs a seat moves it.

6) You have been known to refuse to talk to someone for long periodsof time because one time they suggested your hair was strawberry blonde.

7) You have no room for lateness in your schedule unless it’s you and you need to make an entrance.

8) Your icy stare could freeze pot of vaseline.

9) You have been know to expell people to the living room, whilst you work on your artistic responsibilities  (e.g writing a blog post).

10) People who aren’t prone to dramatic fits of diva-ness freak the shit out if you….who can be happy with everything.

11) You understand Mariah Careys need for ice cold buckets of Evian and bundles of puppies in her tour bus…well why not.

12) You demand all lasagnes to be served in ramakins.

13) You could rival Yankee Candle in the scented candle business. Every room should smell like a feather which has been gazed upon by an angel in summer.

Love Robyn!

14 things that instantly put a smile on your face:


I had to put a picture of brunch up because nothing makes me smile mpre than warm croissants and all the cheese!

1) When the bus driver sees you running for the bus (barely managing not to keel over) and waits for you to get on the bus.

2) When people make you a cup of tea ‘just because’.

3) Remembering you did the washing up before you left the house and knowing you can just go and pyjama it up at home.

4) Squeezing out a blog post that’s so great you even make yourself laugh/smile/cry.

5) When babies wear fancy dress costumes.

6) When you realise that you have matching underwear on because nothing says ‘I have my life together’ like matching undies.

7) When you make something for tea which mainly involves healthy stuff like courgettes and mushrooms and it leaves you feeling full and detoxified like the flower fairy you really are.

8) Eating beetroot, or tomato soup or lasagne and managing not to spill a drop on yourself.

9)Picking dried glue off of your hands.

10) When somebody tells you they thought about you the other day and it’s really cute.

11) Watching that Youtube video of the cat trying to get into a cat-hammock.

12) When work speeds along at an  alarming pace and you’re at home with a brew and all serieses of Friends before you know it.

13) When somebody gives you there portion of garlic bread. Is anything better than garlic bread?

14) omg the smell of a baby’s head. So talcy, so addictive.

Love Robyn