10 signs you might be a writer…


Whether it’s for a blog or a magazine or a book, a writer is easy distinguishable by a few tell tale signs…

1. You will write down things your friends say or things you see in the street for possible writing material.

2. You save every meme or funny picture that you find on Facebook, in case you need a picture for a post. Which means you have more funny pictures of cats than your actual family.

3. You always insist that the thousands of notebooks you buy are deeply important for your writing career. 

4. You feel wonderfully cool and fabulous when people ask you what you do. ‘Oh yaa, I’m a writer’. 

5. People don’t really need to know what your job that pays the bills is.

6. You’re friends have stopped telling you embarrassing stories about themselves in case you use it as material. 

7. You are well aware of the power of social media, when it comes to writing. Which means you can be annoying on ALL the social media platforms by hassling people to read your stuff. 

8. You probably care more about getting a post out, or an article or whatever than actually cleaning or feeding yourself at the time. 

9. You spend time worrying about being away from your computer or God forbid that you lose WiFi or signal. What a catastrophe!

10. You know the heart breaking pain of nurturing a post into perfection only for your technological device to suddenly crash…before you had time to save it. Why do bad things happen to good people?!?

Love Robyn!

You should read this post now, ok?? 

36 thoughts on “10 signs you might be a writer…”

  1. Very funny! I enjoyed this. Don’t forget: Your daily happiness is in direct proportion to your likes, follows and comments, not necessarily in that order. A re-blog is The Holy Grail. You could be standing on a skyscraper roof, staring down at the clogged streets below and ready to take that final step, and a re-blog will come along and cause you to catapult backwards, walk all the way down a hundred flights of stairs on your hands before entering a bar and ordering a shot of their finest spirits for everyone there.

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  2. Given that I am barred, for life, on every social media there ever was, I only know that I am a writer because I KNOW I AM A WRITER. It even says so on my visiying cards. Move aside, nerd coming through.


  3. I guess writer is eccentric, he loves his space and always short of time as I feel I need 24 hours more in a day as I struggle to manage time for reading and writing


  4. #7 RIGHT NOW (and after EVERY possible blogger-tunity has begun, which, in my case, is typically a carefully-crafted cuisine, of course), due to spending 7 hours straight remembering that WordPress is a fabulous thing and that I should migrate my caffeine-coursing-crazily-though-my-bawdy-bloodstream caboose over to it from that archaic thing known only to some (these days) as “Blogger.”

    Relevant and rejuvenating read, miss Robyn!


    1. Haha that comment bamboozled me a bit but I think I got there in the end! Ahah tbh I feel like everybody is a blogger atm, there are armies of us! Thanks for stopping by!


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