New Blog Feature: Favourite blog posts of the week….


Is it obvious that it took me a large chunk of the afternoon making that sign? (Avoiding revision). Nope. Good. 

So I’ll give you a few categories (I think maybe because its the first one and I don’t want to get cocky I won’t give that many because a lot of people don’t know about it yet, maybe if it grows the amount of categories can grow too)

 Now it’s pretty simple you paste a link to a blog post of your own or another of your favourite blogger’s posts(if its not your post then remember to tell me the name of the other persons blog and declare its not your own) and tell me which category you want to enter.

And tadahhh thats it, in a week (or less) I’ll tell you the winners! 


1) The happiest/positive

2) The one that made me wee myself with laughter.

3) The best one about every day life.

4) The best listy post.

5) The good, the bad and the uncategorisable (is that a word? Basically if you don’t know which one you want to enter) 

Btw it would be great if you could spread the word, even if its a quick share or reblog, every little helps! 

Love Robyn! 

67 thoughts on “New Blog Feature: Favourite blog posts of the week….”

  1. I’ve just posted my top seven from other people in the past week in my Friday Favourites post, so will be tooting my own rather rusty horn here instead. Hope that’s OK.

    You might like this post on the secret stories from behind our CVs: child labour, glossy magazines and sitting in the toilets in knickers & $20,000 worth of sapphires.

    Ella x

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  2. While I hate to blow my own trumpet, (Trumpets cost a fortune don’t they?), I could do with a bit of free advertising, so will gladly post this up. I think it’s better than most of my recent stuff, possibly due to the fact that it’s nearly all true! That’s what I’ve always wanted to do on a blog, is to point out the ‘funny’ bits that happen in real life, while you’re trying to be serious. Anyway, here it is:

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      1. Pickleope has just reminded me, (by the post below) that I didn’t categorise myself! (sounds painful). So it must be No.3, “The best one about everyday life” I guess.

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  3. Does it have to be “wee myself with laughter?” Can’t it just be “occasionally made me smirk?” As much as I want to give it up to myself because I am great, I shall resist the temptation to be self-aggrandizing and instead nominate in the, sigh, wee myself with laughter category Bonnywood Mannor’s post

    Also, the best one about everyday life (is that it? I’m so lazy that I’ll continue to write about my confusion rather than scroll up.) I’d like to nominate Fatty McCupcakes post here:

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  4. I would also (besides myself) like to nominate this one for all five categories! It isn’t one post in particular, because, like yourself Robynchristi, she has one of the best blogs in all the world! (I think) and it is OK to just read the whole lot of ’em. You must like crazy people with blue hair and zombies, but otherwise I’m sure Sarah is ‘probably’ quite normal.

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