10 things that happen because the days are getting longer…


I don’t know about you but I love summer, I’m blessed with skin that doesn’t burn and full on happy face when I see everywhere all summered up (cherry blossom+ sunshine= summered up). I understand the need for winter but really all that leaf sludge and dark mornings, I could do without it to be honest. So what does happen as the days get longer  (this has nothing to do with turning into Werewolves…sadly).

1) People feel the urge to bare all acceptable areas of skon which framkly should be kept under wraps until July. I mean come on, you’ll get frostbite!

2) You see people you know and love looking after their summer body, with grueling workouts and kale smoothies. Which usually only adds to your guilt for getting wasted on Aperol Spritz last night and having cookies for breakfast.

3) People look at you all sad when you say you spent all day watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt insteading of frolicking in some flowery meadow.

4) You start carrying sunglasses with you at ALL times, even at night because just in case!

5) Every time you pop into Primark for a new pair of sunglasses, you buy 2 swimming costumes, 12 pairs of shorts and come dreaming longingly of your summer holiday…which is still very much imaginary.

6) The words ‘fresh’, ‘balmy’ and ‘beachy’ start describing everything, even boring stuff like oven cleaner.

7) You realise that the time to go for a pedicure is long overdue and your feet are starting to look like blocks of Limestone, it’s definitely not summer for you yet dear!

8) If Instagram isn’t full of Cherry-blossom and pictures of women posting #holidaygoals and Cornettos….are you really sure its summer?

9) You are painfully aware that you can’t wear jeans forever but the thought of shaving your legs after a long winter leaves you a bit light headed just thinking about it.

10) People’s snapchat have to include the accurate temperature, with that heart-eyes emoji.

Love Robyn

6 thoughts on “10 things that happen because the days are getting longer…”

  1. Hey Robyn, long time no see! Glad you’re back. About #5, I’m wishing swimming costumes were more like Halloween costumes… baggy enough to cover up rolls and cellulite and clever enough that no one will know who you are if anything accidentally hangs out. 🙂


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