5 Things I’ve learnt at 21…

It's 12am here in the Netherlands and I should definitely be sleeping, but for the fourth time this week I'm tossing and turning. I even googled to see what kind of moon it was and see if that could be a reason for my temporary insomnia (I know). So instead of making myself another Nutella… Continue reading 5 Things I’ve learnt at 21…


12 things to embrace…

Hello wonderful world of blogging, ot's been an interesting few days because phone addicted Robyn had to face reality without a phone because someone...me...left their phone on the bus but thanks to the kindness of strangers my darling Samsung is back in my arms. So the procrastination and blog post writing can begin again! Hurrah!… Continue reading 12 things to embrace…


My 12 favourite things…ever

Since Christmas is over (boo) I've been bit out of ideas for what to write about but this morning I had the idea of doing my 12 favourite things (because erm December is the 12th month...) so here we are 12 little insights into my life... 1) My favourite breakfast: Pancakes always always every day… Continue reading My 12 favourite things…ever


16 christmas presents you wish existed

So it may not be the most sophisticatedly edited picture I've ever made and I did get a bit excited about the fact that the christmas is very soon (also slightly panicked) but here I have compiled a list of knock out presents that money just can't buy...literally...because they don't exist. 1) The ability to… Continue reading 16 christmas presents you wish existed


8 things that happen when you visit home for a week…

It's a busy day for me, because I'm going on a little jaunt back to my lovely family for a week (and im rather excited! And also wildly unpacked) Anyway here are 8 sure fire things to happen this week... 1) Eating so much cheddar cheese and fish & chips (err not together) thatyou consequently  gain… Continue reading 8 things that happen when you visit home for a week…


Shitty day?

Hellooo everybody, i had one of those weird weeks where the Monday was wonderful and I was floating on air but the then big bad tuesday came, so I know I don't usually do this kind of thing (I know there's know pug photo) but I just wanted to recommend to anybody who's got a… Continue reading Shitty day?

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Well loooky here, it’s the 7 best comments from last week!

okay well now it's officially the worst day of the week....AGAIN *rolls eyes' but here I am to inject a little happiness into this horrible, cold, ugly Monday morning but unveiling this weeks weird wonderful comments, so sit back and relax and see if it's you this week.. The funniest: I'm starting with a big… Continue reading Well loooky here, it’s the 7 best comments from last week!

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11 signs that you and Wordpress might be best buddies…

   Me and my blog have know each other for about 3 months now... 3 and half.. Yes that I what I meant, 3 and a half months and at some point along the way we have built this bond, this truly wonderful-want to text you all the time and talk over wine- feeling, which… Continue reading 11 signs that you and WordPress might be best buddies…


10 things that only happen in primark..

  It's Saturday which means hoards of crazy shoppers are filling the streets, armed with an overdraft and a target destination: Primark. 1) The overwhelming urge to own fluffy socks in every colour of the rainbow, when it's a pound a pair who can stop themselves?? 2) Your motivation doubles, suddenly standing in a queue… Continue reading 10 things that only happen in primark..