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9 things I learnt about having a blog

1) The sad sad sad reality is that the moment you publish something will probably be followed by silence. Internet silence, and you just have to be okay with the fact you’re probably not going to be sprung into internet stardom just because you posted a picture of pug on the Internet. It’s a sad truth.

2) You will find yourself lying in bed about to fall asleep when BAM you just thought of the best blog post ever at which point it’s okay to wake your boyfriend up to pass you your glasses and your phone to remember it. 

3)…more often than not what you wrote down half asleep makes no sense at all at 9 the next morning. 

4) you find yourself thinking ‘omg how are my stats’ or ‘I need to post again’ or ‘why don’t the people on the Internet like me’ during the day when you are sadly deprived from access to your blog.

5) You will most likely turn into a typing drone when it comes to turning that weirdly scrawled idea into an actual blog post. I have been know to grunt, mumble or snarl in response to disturbances. JUST LET ME EXPELL THIS BLOG POST FROM MY BRAIN. 

6) There are hours of frustration when it comes to not being able to think of an idea, it will torture you, haunt you and leave you want to lie on the floor crying and banging your fists like a 5 year old. 

7) There is this horrible stomach dropping feeling when you realise you put a spelling error in the title!

8) Sometimes instead of just staring for hours at your blog or your stats you need to go outside with the other humans, for your own mental health and safety!

9) And after all that hard work the most satisfying feeling ever is when the lovely Internet people read your blogs and say even lovelier things to you, gotta love you guys! 

Love Robyn 

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45 thoughts on “9 things I learnt about having a blog”

  1. This is uncanny – I live every single one of these every day, ever since I started blogging a year and a half ago. Number 1 especially kills me. I find myself screaming inside my head “HEY! THIS WAS AWESOME – WHY IS NO ONE HITTING LIKE?!” It’s possible I may be just a bit too invested. Or that I need to get a life.

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  2. Well done. If there’s one thing a blogger enjoys reading its the frustrations of other bloggers just like them. When I used to blog about everyday adventures I found myself getting frustrated because, while those quick adventure posts got a handful of likes, it was these types of posts that got so many more, and I was like “I don’t WANNA blog about how to get you blog seen I wanna blog about MEEEEEE” hahaha. It’s a balancing act.


    1. Hmm I don’t think this post is about getting my blog seen, I was just foing through these exact thoughts this afternoon trying to force a blog post out and this popped into my head! So why not. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  3. Oh my heart!! All of the above. All so true especially the bit about writing something and then waiting for the applause but trying your hardest to pretend that you are not actually waiting!! URGH! Great post Robyn!


  4. Type it. Post it. Read it. THEN see all the spelling errors. Fix spelling errors. Update. Re-read. See more spelling errors. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.


    1. The paradox:
      Post in a popular tag–people will read it, but there’s a lot of other people posting there.
      Post in an unpopular tag–you’ll be the only one there, but no one will read it.


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