The White Jeans theory

So last year, I got sick of magazines, I even made a blog post about it. One of the main reasons was because I got so bloody sick of being told what to do.

Get a better butt!

Boyish frames should  pinch in that waist!

You know the drill, in fact I just did a quick Google search and it turns out if you type in ‘magazines body shaming’ you will get a million results and exactly what you bargained for.

Something along these lines…

Because obviously women need these kinds of instructions otherwise we’re all just gunna be running around, with our completely normal belly  fat and our average behinds and that’s just gunna be fucking awful. Oh wait nobody is actually going to care, unless you are Kylie Jenner.

Which makes really annoyed, why are there all these rules and regulations about what to wear or how to get Kardashian booty. This brings me nicely along to my white jeans theory.

The white jeans theory, which yes does sound like a plot line from Jane the Virgin, is actually an unwritten rule in the fun world of fashion and being told what to do. And its a rule which I didn’t even think about, but everyone knows it. Only if your slim, should you wear white jeans.

I’ve never even glanced at pair, in fact sometimes when I see women wearing white jeans I want to ask where they have acquired this specific item of clothing because I’ve never even seen them in a clothes shop. Hmm maybe there is some weight based screening going on and all white jeans are being shielded from my thighs?

There we go, I think I’ve cracked it.

No, what this post is really about follows the idea that the best way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body. And also to bear in mind that when celebrities with an army of personal trainers and a glam squad what hope do we really have, if we don’t just FU to stupid fashion rules every now and again? So if you want to wear those white jeans, you do it. 

Love Robyn


7 thoughts on “The White Jeans theory”

  1. If that picture of the pretty blonde is a picture of you, you’re beautiful and have nothing to worry about. You should wear what you like and what’s comfortable. If that picture of the pretty blonde is not a picture of you, you’re beautiful and have nothing to worry about. You should wear what you like and what’s comfortable. That’s probably why I can’t get a job in the fashion industry or writing for magazines. The media thrives on fear, shame, doubt and comparison, but you? You’re unique and wonderful and beyond compare.~Deon


  2. I was totally expecting your “white jeans rule” to be about every time you wear white jeans, you get shit on them. That should be my rule, anyway. Guaranteed, if I wear light-colored clothing, I’ll get food/grease/don’t-wanna-know all over them!


  3. In the checkout at the grocery, I bypass the magazines and get a Reeses cup instead. Jeans are not my thing, white or any other color. I like sweats, yoga pants, etc. Think stretchy. Thanks for the ego boost, Robyn! 🙂


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