18 signs that you might possibly be English 


1. When a foreign person who has English as a second language uses an American word instead of the English word, you will stop them mid sentence and tell them the correct word.

2. You complain a lot, about the government, about the weather, about bank holidays, everything.

3. People who can’t tell if you’re American or English confuse you.

4. Whenever you leave the country your accent will get 10 times stronger.

5. You say things like ‘on the continent’ or ‘the Europeans’ because obviously England is its own little sub continent. 

6. You know the rule that you can call lunch ‘dinner’ but never dinner ‘lunch’.

7. When somebody bumps into you, you might say sorry as well and pretend not to be annoyed at all until they walk away.

8. You complain if it’s too rainy or if it’s too sunny. 

9. You’ve been on holiday Spain for the last 5 years but never spoke a word of Spanish. 

10. You base how big a city is on a) if there is a Primark and b) how many Wetherspoons there are. 

11. You argue that your town has the best fish and chips. Oh and that your mum makes the best Yorkshire puddings and roasties. 

12. You give people a look of distain when they don’t put vinegar on chips. 

13. You spend your entire evenings watching soaps and get thoroughly involved.

14. When you ask for a cup of tea you mean one that needs milk and sugar, none of that herbal tee buisness. 

15. You respect the sacred art of queues and you are very angry when somebody pushes in front of you on the bus.

16. You call ‘Pan au chocolat’ chocolate croissants because croissant is fancy enough. 

17. You know you can  put ‘cheeky’ in front anything e.g ‘cheeky Nando’s’ ‘cheeky cocktails’ and it means nothing but also everything.

18. You absolutely do not know the national anthem. Not even the tune. Maybe if you went to brownies maybe but if not, no chance.

Love Robyn!

Want another list? Here you Go!

70 thoughts on “18 signs that you might possibly be English ”

      1. I just found out the truth from the Boffin. He also said, “Don’t forget. We also correct foreign speakers in their own languages.” One thing I have learned from creating a happy Anglo-American marriage is that there is no correct form of English. It’s just English. It doesn’t matter if it is jumper or sweater. “I love you” is the same on both sides of the ocean.

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      2. To British American Life – on “…correcting foreign speakers…” OMG! This means my DDH was English!!! Amazing we stayed married forever given I’m Scots-Irish!


    1. to I have always wondered what a jumper was. I thought it was a sweatshirt.
      This post makes me laugh.
      I just want to say that here in Maryland, I do put vinegar on my fries when watching baseball and I don’t know if mine is the best, but I make a really good Yorkshire pudding!!
      I don’t know what Wetherspoons or Primark are, obviously I’m not English, but someday I hope to visit and you can correct my terminology!

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      1. Haha really vinegar?! Well I never knew that and I believe anyone can make good Yorkshire puddings, they’re easy peasy but it’s just something people say. And I literally saint believe you don’t have Primark! Wow haha! Thanks for stopping by

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      2. From Wikipedia: “Primark is an Irish clothing retailer operating in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland (branded as Penneys in Ireland), Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and soon the United States.” So soon I might have one!


      3. You will either love or hate Primark. The prices are right, but there is an art to shopping there. It looks like a jumble sale, and unless you shop at weird times, it is usually a zoo. You really have to dig to find the good stuff amongst the bad. If you love shopping, then you can find great stuff. If it is not your cup of tea, then it can be overwhelming. The stores are opening late in 2015 in Boston and Philly, I believe. I think one is opening in the Baltimore area in 2016. You can Google it.

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  1. An Englishman has won first prize in the Game of Life. Americans are not so bad, except they think sitting at the bar in a pub is acceptable behaviour. Australians and New Zealanders are better because they play real sport. Canadians? Who?
    Europe stinks. French women stink. Germans? Two world wars and one world cup.
    Everybody drives on the wrong side of the road.
    Tea and coffee are supposed to be hot and beer is supposed to be flat and brown.
    It is absolutely not necessary to put cheese on everything.
    Taliking to just anyone is just bad manners.
    First date sex is gross beyond belief.


    1. Hahah lol wild stereotypes there! Lol Europeans aren’t that bad and I don’t think all French women stink! And t’other half is a German and he’s quite lovely! But I probably do have to agree with the rest


  2. I love the photo (it says everything as well) – we can do that for us ‘stupid American’s’ as well… lol. THAT’s a comment I’ve heard from several French people… which ironically my Danish boyfriend can not stand.
    For me personally it’s the “Oh, your mexican?” “No, just because I’m from south Texas doesn’t make me a mexican”…

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  3. 19. You’re happy with the weather if it stays in a 5 degrees range. Anything more than that and it’s too cold. Above it, it’s too hot.

    Sadly, I can’t say what the centerpoint of that 5 degrees is.

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      1. Ellen sent me … and I have to say, 12 and 14 make perfect sense to me. These nasty little dry “french fries” that Americans substitute for chips and then drown in cats(throw)up? YUCK. And they serve their tea cold. With ice. And lemon. Seriously.

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      1. ah I think the age difference has something to do with it (I spent over 25 years living abroad mostly in the far east.) There are some things you never loose on the list though.

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  4. We are Americans living in Italy. When we are asked if we are British, we always reply, “Of course not…. We have chins and teeth!”

    Good post!


  5. I’m absolutely American but I can claim 8, 14, & 15. However, I can make a mean Christmas pushing AND light it. The first Christmas we lit the pot of brandy in the kitchen on fire but the second Christmas we got it right. Both years the pudding was dee-lish.


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