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5 things I’m loving at the moment!

Bonjour and wie geht’s? This week I am very much feeling the love, the sun has raised its head and looks like summer is finally here!




Number 1 has to go to Phillipa Rice’s cartoon ‘soppy’, these characters have bed head and pizza guts and thats the kind of inspiration I need in my life! Needless to say I’ve spent way to long looking at these and now you need to do the same!



Aperol Spritz! This is actually summer in a bottle, the colour is definitely quite Iron-Brew(y) but don’t let it put you off of enjoying this fizzy orange sensation. Plus it’s got fizzy wine in to get you right sozzled.



Left over Easter chocolates which are slowly fattening me up no matter how hard I try and resist….but Lindt bunnies don’t have calories right?



Cherry blossom in Bonn is looking really mighty fine and even though it sticks to your hair and makes you sneeze like a bitch, of you walk through a street of blossoms you definitely feel like you are in some kind of film montage.



Arab-American blogger and all around fashion icon ‘Nadia Aboulhosn’ has been giving me major lady crush feels and not to mention she’s paving the way for all of us thigh-i-licious ladies out there. *heart eyes emoji*.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Robyn

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