20 signs you’re not as ‘basic’ as you thought….


Even though your Instagram might be full of pictures of food, moody window shots and shameless Selfies (like mine above: @robynchristi) you might not be the basic you thought…

1) As much as a choco-mocha-latte-cino apeals to you, you’d never dream of spending a fiver on a fancy milkshake.

2) You always hashtag your selfies with ‘#Im#sorry’.

3) You have a strict filter on the foods you will take pictures of: fancy ice cream yes dribbley bacon and egg sandwich no. 

4) You abide by the rule: no social media-ing at the dinner table.

5) As fleeky as your eyebrows are you do refrain from using the phrase ‘on fleek’.

6) Avocados only taste good to you when accompanied with mountains of cheese and nachos (all health benefits diminished).

7) You’re snapchat story is updated aproximately once a year. 

8) You don’t even own an Iphone (sob, sob) which really limits the amount of front camera actuon in your life. 

9) You have trouble following the Kardashians on Instagram because your life is more H&M basic than Balmain.

10) Your days of posting pictures of Pandora bags with cute emoticons are behind you (mostly).

11) You tried gluten free, you didn’t like, you like gluten, whatever the hell that is. 

12) You imagine Pumkin Spice tastes like baby food. Ew.

13) You jumped on the ‘fro-yo’ trend only to realise that its way moreexpensive  than normal ice cream (and not healthy when you top it with brownie chunks).

14) Every time you walk into Abercrombie and Fitch you sneeze and wonder why its so dark. 

15) You owned a pair of Ugg boots once, only for them to be destroyed by salty snow water….never again.

16) You would never even dream of waking up early to blend some spinat and apple and then proceed to drink it. 

17) Pinterest? Nope.

18) People know you well enough to know that that picture of a ‘Zara’ bag or the ‘Jo Malone’ one was strictly a one time thing because it was reduced to high heaven.

19) There are price limits on the cost of candles, a tenner! A TENNER!

20) Wtf is a flat lay?

Love Robyn 

18 thoughts on “20 signs you’re not as ‘basic’ as you thought….”

      1. It was a report a few months back out of the Pacific Northwest (I want to say Seattle, WA, but no promises). It’s still going through testing, but I am definitely going to try it once it hits the open market.


  1. Your posts make me want to spend more time in Rhineland. lol.
    Gluten free. It can be delicious…but only if you want to spend a lot on prepackaged food that is questionably healthy anywayl…because it comes in a box.


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