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Five hard signs you’re growing up…


Growing old is  inevitable, aging is a natural biological process even (no matter how hard the Kardashians try and prevent it). But growing up is not. So here are five brutal things that happen when you realise you’d rather hand in the heels for a horlicks instead..

1. Having 5 Friends 

In high school you see hundreds of people everyday and there isn’t a minute to yorself where you can feel any sort of emotion to lonely. But we all know this can’t last forver and suddenly the 500 friends you had on Facebook last year are now 495 people you don’t really care about and 5 people you actually like. . Although it does make buying birthday presents 10X easier.


2. Looking at kids who are going out and partying and thinking ‘you are not 18’

Ah yes the silent judge of those girls in mini shorts who are definitely borrowing their big sisters ID. After years of not being ID’d these feelings of old lady-ness come a creeping up and only reminding yourself that you are still exactly like them but you wear jeans and won’t start the night off with a bottle of Lambrusco.

3. Your metabolism starts being a bitch 

Some people will remain those slithe pieces of human until they are 80, with 16 year old hips and stomachs that look like it has never seen cake in its life. But then are some that get hit hard by the aging metabolism even if the person themselves isn’t aging quite so fast. And this is just one of those big FU’s that life likes to throw to you. (This is a happy post isn’t it? Although it’s not all bad at least you’ve mastered the art of drinking a bottle of wine without getting off your rocker).

4. You travel more

Years of being stuck in your hometown and only venturing off for the summer holidays with your parents are over. The world of term time is behind you, finally you can see yourself city breaking it in the middle of April and only paying half the price. The world of beach holidays are however behind you and you find yourself in more museums and less clubs than you did in Magaluf 2014.

5. You own cook books

I am one of those people that walks into W H Smiths and longingly looks at all the books, and I find myself being dragged over to the cookery section with the ambition of making parfaits and smoothie bowls. So yes,you find yourself being given cookery books for christmas and with their brightly coloured front covers they sit pride of place in your kitchen, never actually being used because you have a solid diet of pasta and sauce. But if you ever need it, it’s there.

so yes the world of grown up-ing is a place where we start by dipping our toes in the water only to realise that life is about to push you in fully clothed. 

Love Robyn

10 thoughts on “Five hard signs you’re growing up…”

  1. This was fun to read!
    Especially the cartoons that you’ve drawn at the start!
    How did you get them going?
    And “hips and stomachs that look like it has never seen cake in its life” got me laughing!
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Robyn, I’ve not caught up with with you for ages. If you think the growing up bit is hard now, when you get older it’s worse. Even Jaffa Cakes become your enemy! 😉


  3. I couldnt help but to giggle at this post because it is soooo entirely true! I actually just got my very first cook book recently my boyfriend got me the Chrissy Teigan Cravings cook book (i wanted it), I have yet to use it but it works as an awesome decoration! lol on the contrary though, I do love to cook and cook quite often 🙂

    xo, JJ


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