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Things to remember when you’re a newbie blogger


A lot of people ask me ‘HOWTHE BLOODY HELL DO YOU MANAGE TO DO ALL THEM POSTS’ usually it’s from angry people on my Facebook stream who just want some peace and quiet from my endless blog shares but sometimes its actual people that read my blog.

And the main thing I can say is….I don’t really get out that much.

No not really, well yes really…but that’s not the point it’s all about a strategic set of skills I’ve acquired over the last few months as a blogger and here I am about to share them with you (don’t get annoyed with me if you think they’re poo)…

1) This wonderful thing called ‘schedule blogging’ it’s literally the bees knees, you write it on Sunday (in between watching OITNB) and you set it up for Monday morning. It’s hardly revolutionary, I’m sure lots of you know about it already but to me it’s just wunderbar!

2) Forget about the stats. At the beginning I was a obsessed just sitting there hitting refreshed, wondering how people in Bangladesh/Singapore/Japan had found my blog, it was seriously critical. But don’t do it, you’ll only hurt yourself. You’ll get all these pangs of wondering why people don’t like you, just check it once a day and forget about it. 

Okay thrice a day…

3) Don’t tell people what (NOT) to do in a really bossy way, sometimes I will think of a really good post idea and I just scrap it because I think ‘who the bloody hell wants to be told what to do?!’It’s not nice in real life and it’s not nice on blog life. 

4) Remember that your readers are real people, they might have funny usernames and be obsessed with Jaffa cakes(nope, just me?) but there is an actual real person at the other side, so be friendly, reply to comments and never get on the blog high horse. 

5) As much as you might want your friends to dig blogging as much as you do, the chances are they won’t, so don’t hassle them to share blog posts. Let your work speak for itself. This mantra works with any kind of advertising,you shouldn’t have to tell people that your works good! 

6) Remember you do this for you, it might be slightly affiliated with your buisness   but at the end of the day don’t get caught up in a ‘blogging dream’ which ends up with you being a multi millionaire the next morning, because that will lead to heartache. 

7) Don’t do anything for free, it takes time and effort to craft a blog post, don’t give that away, you know how much it’s worth to you! 

8) Remember that you do actually have a human life too and it is okay to go out sometimes, in fact it’s quite healthy…

9) Write shit that makes people either think or laugh. Or both. Oh and post regularly!

Got any words of wisdom of your own?

Let me know,


45 thoughts on “Things to remember when you’re a newbie blogger”

  1. I really like number five about friends possibly not giving a hoot about your blog. I would also add that being active in the blogging community is great for inspiration, networking and fun.

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  2. Reader feedback stuff, like comments of the week and such, seem to work very well in drawing readers in and encouraging communities. Unfortunately I suspect there needs to be a minimum community size before that sort of thing is viable and I don’t know how one gets to that point.

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  3. Great list Robyn! Also, getting hip to SEO will help your stats increase effortlessly. For the most part, I just try to have fun with blogging and if I’m lucky someone will like my post as much as I do.

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      1. Im sorry, it’s short for getting familiar with search engine optimization. It helps viewers find your post easier in search engines (google, bing) based on tags, and even how you name your blog.


  4. I agreed with you and trying to follow everything you mentioned except I can’t resist myself to see the stat every now and then.

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      1. Come on! It would only take you an hour or so. Don’t you remember how we bonded over the Jaffa Cakes? I thought we were friends!!!!

        Just kidding, of course – I wonder if people actually do that? Anyway, this post has some good advice. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. I would say when you start, which I just did, ask your closest friends what they think of it. They might don’t give a damn about blogging but at least they will be honest and transparent about your work and encourage you. At least it helped me 😁


  6. Hey 🙂 I nominate you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! You can check it all out on my blog for the details x

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  7. Isn’t this entire post a contradiction to numbers 3 and 7? And oh how true number 5 is. I would include family in the active disinterest in blogging category.


    1. Lol it’s different when I tell you guys what to do :p ahah I meant more the tone of what you say! And also I mean don’t just write log posts for random companies and not get anything in return


  8. One question: how long does it take to graduate from being a newbie blogger to a oldie veteran-y blogger? I’ve been at this for four months.


  9. Oh & while I’m on…..I would love to know what ‘Dropajewel’s tips for this SEO thing are. Maybe you or they could post that up somewhere? I read something about it, but it hasn’t helped!

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  10. Darn it! I’ve gone & ‘liked’ my own post again! When will I get the hang of this whole blogging thing?


      1. thank you by the way, for the lovely ‘promotion’ of my blog on your site. I seem to have won another of your awards! I’m right chuffed!


  11. Loved your blog and yes I can relate to it. Being a newbie, I hardly get noticed. I keep thinking how do I increase my blog score without any followers. But there is hope. I hope!


  12. What great tips! I like the idea of scheduled blogging, I guess I have been doing that anyway because I start a blog, save the draft, get distracted and go do other things and come back to it later- lol!

    Also- nice reference to jaffa cakes, my dad always loved those and bought them in the irish shop!


  13. Great post.. I literally check and check and check my blog. I feel like the number of views are probably all mine due to my excessive refreshing. Your post was just what I needed to see. I can’t wait to increase my blog entries and obtain a following..

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    1. I was seriously so obsessed that it would RUIN my day if I got less than a certain amount of hits but after that I realised it takes time to build these things up, so I stopped trying so hard and refreshing that button so much and it got better from there really!:p


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