Spicy basil and kidney bean burgers

So usually you don’t hear the words ‘Kidney bean’ and think ‘Oh get in my belly’ but here I have to tastefully disagree.


These concontions look like burgers but they don’t taste like one.

I would be lying to you if I said the mixture of basil and kidney beans tastes anything like an aberdeen angus burger, however if you don’t mind the lack of meatiness then these are satisfying chunks of carbs, spice and cheese. Three things I definitely like. It’s also very speedy to make, great when you can’t really be bothered cooking.


1 tin of kidney beans

A few tablespoons of sweetcorn

1 small red onion

1 clove of garlic (size depends on garlic preference…I use large cloves) 

5-6 fresh basil leaves. Coriander also works great for a more falafel-y taste.

1 teaspoon of spicy Ajvar paste (I’m not sure if you can get this in the UK or America, but can easily be replaced with fresh chilli, again this depends on your spice preference). 

1 egg

1-2 tablespoons of flour (this is only to make the mixture less wet)

salt and pepper

Now because of the kidney beans the patties are already  sweet enough so don’t add any extra sugars or sweetners. This recipe will make around 7-8 ‘burgers’, depending on size.


What to do: 


  1. If you have a food processor, use it! Basically throw all your ingredients in and blend until you create a paste. Not too runny, the best type would be a mixture you can mould into burgers however when I made mine I had to use two spoons to form the circles, but they worked just as well.  If you don’t have a machine, chop your onions, garlic, basil, very fine. Then use a potato masher to mash the beans. Combine everything and add salt and pepper to taste. If you want fries/chips/potatoes now is the time to start boiling them and preparing them.
  2. When you are happy with your paste and your taste (ooh ryhming), whack your frying pan on and start heating up the oil.
  3. Whilst you are waiting for the oil to heat, start toasting your bread buns under the grill. I actually use wholemeal english muffins for my breadcake but you can use whatever.
  4. When the oil is nice and hot (but not spitting) plop one or two patties in your pan. You want them to brown nicely on the bottom, use a spatula to flip and then press down on the cooked side to flatten them. They usually take about 3-5 minutes to firm up. Key an eye out for burnt bottoms!
  5. As you can’t make all the patties at once place the first patties on top of the bread buns which are toasting to keep them warm. I, being a MASSIVE cheese lover, plonked some cheddar/feta on top of the burgers and let it melt.

Now we all know that a burger is nothing without its toppings so here a few ideas….

Fresh salad. Tomatoes. Coleslaw. Fresh herbs. Spicy ketchup/Normal ketchup. More cheese. Gerkins (or pickles). Fresh chilli.

This recipe is extremely practical, you can use whatever leftover salad you have in the fridge for toppings, add whichever herbs and spices you like and the burgers probably take about 15 minutes to make and prepare. Also very yummy. 

Happy eating!

Love Robyn!


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