14 Things A Twenty-Something Should Be Able To Do…But Can’t.

Ever realise that you’re completely inept at being a grown up? Well join the club…

  1. Doing the washing up straight away. Nope, not happening, those dishes can fester for eternity for all I care.
  2. Go for a coffee…and not put evidence of it up on Snapchat or Instagram.


3. Pair socks up together instead of just stuffing them in the sock drawer and hoping  to  a pair when in need.

4. Use a bank card without fearing that it might get declined, leaving you pretending that there has been some kind of technical fault.

5. Buy a jar of Nutella and not devour its contents within two days.


6. Wake up in the morning and not check alllll the social networks.

7. Go to the gym and then NOT eat a massive tub of Ben n Jerry’s ice cream as soon as you’ve got off the cross-trainer (ice-cream will always beat rationality).

8. Arrive at uni just on time, attend 100% of lectures and do all mandatory readings. Pah in your dreams maaaate.

9. Stick to the toilet cleaning schedule (and resist the urge to just go in there with the air freshener and pretend you’ve done it).

10. Not expect your dad to pay for food when you all go out for dinner, I’m sorry dad but this ones on you.


11. Own a plant and keep it alive.

12. Eat the fruit and veg in your fridge before they go bad and you’re left with some kind of fungus infestation.

13. Tidy room before it gets to the point of “bombsite” and not just when your friends are coming round.

14. Keep an eye on how much you’ve had to drink without getting absolutely Geordie-Shore’d. Tequila shots are always a good idea, right?

Love, Robyn.

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