Chocolate is better than people. Fact.


If you mention the word chocolate and the words drizzle, stuffed, double, chips, melted, I will throw my purse at you and shout ‘give me everything’.

So as a devoted chocolate lover like everyone else (really how couldn’t you be?!) I knew it was time to reveal the truth…chocolate is without a doubt better than anything else and here’s why..

1. It never complains when you don’t do the washing up or you forget to buy pasta.

2. You never have to find it at a certain place or arrange to meet it at a certain time, because chocolatey goodies are everywhere. 

3. Chocolates will never say mean things to you.

4. You never have to worry about getting bored by chocolate, no no no because there are cakes, cookies, drinks , the list is endless.

5. Chocolate can not post endlessly depressing posts on Facebook. Or pictures of its kids.

6. As long as you don’t put it in the sunshine it’s pretty durable (well unless somebody eats it).

7. Dark chocolate is actually healthy, antioxidants and all that jazz, which is why you should eat 4 bars of dairy milk a day to really get the best health benefits.

8. It doesn’t make a mess and expect you to clean up after it. Well unless you sit on it or leave it in the sunshine. 

9. Chocolate can never cancel on you.

10.  it will never whine on and on, crying about its dickhead boyfriend or that it thinks it’s fat.

11. Feeling bad? Just try to solve that misery without chocolate, just try, ha you can’t.

12. Even if your dentist, doctor and mum say otherwise, chocolate is actually a perfectly good breakfast food. Perfectly fine.

Love Robyn.

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13 thoughts on “Chocolate is better than people. Fact.”

  1. It makes the children very happy, and can make them sad too. Tim Hortons ran out of chocolate Timbits today. I had to get the rest assorted. I had to battle a bunch of four-year olds at my son’s daycare for the only chocolate one. I won of course.

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  2. Your love for chocolate deserves respect lol. Well done. And how have I not been following you? You commented on my post and it was like, “wait, where have all her posts been?”. Fixed it. Keep sharing! 😉

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