Nothing ever looks like it does Instagram.

As you may have realised, I’m currently the proud new renter of a new apartment. It even has a garden. But with new aparment comes new responsibility: trips to Ikea, not spending all the of the no money I have and creating an Instagram worthy apartment, to make friends family and perhaps casual passer by-ers so jealous their head explodes. So I have pinterest’d a few ideas, something like this would be grand:
image image


However, realising that I am not exactly Miss Interior-Design 2015 (and I’m also poor, helpless student), it will probably look more like this: image

(I’m sorry whoevers grandma’s house that is, but i mean…. Come on)

And thus (oh that makes me sound intelligent) is how I came up with the fact that nothing will EVER look like how it does on Instagram because Instagram is a world full of unicorns and Kim Kardashians and I sadly am neither. I know big surprise. 

However if you do want to come and see my world of pugs and probably chocolate related things, find me on instagram: Robynchristi, i promise it will be totally average and will contain pictures of my dinner. Im sorry. 

Love Robyn! 

17 thoughts on “Nothing ever looks like it does Instagram.”

  1. OMG… how did you get that 4th pic of my house?!!!! Lol, just kidding Robynchristi. I really enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for the laughs and all the best with kitting out your pad. I’m sure it’ll look fab! 🙂

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  2. We have a friend whose house is perfect. She has no family and very few visitors, so she has the time to keep the place clean and tidy. Hell, that’s what she does ALL the time. (I hope she doesn’t read this)! We are currently turning our house into a ‘minimalist’ paradise. We started back in 2001 and have yet to make a difference! But then we are a family and actually do things. But I am sure we will move something into a cupboard eventually. Then OUR house will be Instagram ready!


    1. Haha that reminds me of something my boyfriends mum said, she said something about downsizing her house- which actually meant downsizing in the way that means both her kids have moved out and taking all their crap with them😂 thats when you’ll reach minimalist living

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  3. Haha you ARE intelligent, and are perfectly wonderful not being Kim K or a unicorn (although unicorn blogger would have pretty cool, I won’t lie). I’m sure as long as your place feels like your own sanctuary it’ll be better than anything Instagram has to offer! I’ll follow you on insta, my handle is @helloroci 🙂

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