Heartbreak hotel, degree in the making and oh I live in the Netherlands now…

Me at the crossroads of my life- do I go cheese baguette or deluxe cheese baguette?

So it’s been a while, I’m not going to ignore the elephant in the room so I’ll just come out and say OMG guys I’m so sorry for abandoning you.

But I have some reasoning, it has been a roller coaster since last summer. In summer 2016 I had the delightful experience of my life completely changing and for the longest time I didn’t real feel like writing. I was 20, living in a different country and I had absolutely no idea what or how to do so it was cue Bridget Jones crying/binge ice cream eating. But alas I made it out the other end and lesson learnt, some things just do not and will not work out *sassy lady holding hand up*.

But it definitely wasn’t all bad in the 2016, I FINAAAAALLY started university (dad you can exhale now, it finally happened). Luckily for me this involved starting afresh in the Netherlands (for those of you who didn’t know I used to live in Germany) where I do not speak the language but I do share in their love of cheese and binge drinking. The Dutch are a friendly bunch albeit absolute giants. Anyway a full post on my Dutch adventures and starting university will be coming  shortly and of course it will be documenting me getting drunk and falling of bike (I promise, mum, those things are unrelated).

So it’s all new and exciting and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully there are one or two readers left that will delight in my marvellous mishaps and so until next time, goodbye!

Love, Robyn!


14 thoughts on “Heartbreak hotel, degree in the making and oh I live in the Netherlands now…”

  1. Welcome back, we missed you. Mind you I had a busy dogs summer down under after leaving Germany so wasn’t around much either, so I cant talk!



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