A list of the absolute worst kind of Facebook statuses 


This list will make you think about a few people on your friends list and if you should delete them.

  • ‘The subtle show off’- I think here subtle is a bit of a compliment because usually they just post actual pictures of new clothes, dogs, jewellery with the title ‘lucky girly’. We ALL get it.
  • ‘ The TMI poster’- statuses that include the word chunder or vomit or oozing should not be allowed on Facebook. And definitely not pictures
  • ‘The hinters’- those people that just put clues to certain things like ‘they’ll get what’s coming to them…’ Or ‘ooh got some exciting news…’. Why post a status in the first place if you want it to be a mystery?! 
  • ‘The how cute is my baby statuses’ well that one is pretty self explanatory. 
  • ‘The endless updater’- I don’t need to know if you went to the doctors and then to sainsburys and that you hate waiting at the hairdressers and that you’re soo pleased with your new hair. 
  • ‘The empowered female’- I understand you don’t need no man, but there’s no need to tell the whole world about it.
  • ‘The attention seeker’-okay I feel a bit mean putting this one but you know the ones I mean with their ‘everyone hates me’ statuses just to see how many compliments they can rack up. If you really feel that bad talk a friend, it would be far more beneficial.
  • ‘The hashtag-er’ #thisisnotTwitter.
  • ‘The talking in 3rd person person’- ‘Jill is having a great day at the zoo!’ JILL JUST USE THE WORD ‘I’ PLEASE. 
  • ‘The over opinionated poster’- okay it seems pretty hypocritical that I’m talking about this whilst I’m trying to ram my opinions down your throat. But you know the person, that hates everything, music, films, the government, anything ever invented ever. 

Got any of your own personal Facebook pet peeves?

Love Robyn.

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24 thoughts on “A list of the absolute worst kind of Facebook statuses ”

  1. Hee hee hee!! This was top notch!
    Recently on of my friends on Facebook shared how she is preggy & blahhh blaah with baby shopping and what she is planning 😂😂😂😂


  2. I had recently added “FB pet peeves” to my short list of entries to write. No need now! I love it. May I just add “The Chef” that wants me to start their new diet regime, know what they had for dinner or see what restaurant they traveled to today? Augh! (No offense to food bloggers. I’m talking about the ‘subtle food show-off posts!) I almost hated to hit ‘Like’ when I read your post!

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  3. Oh, yeah. Time to sort through that friend list. I have one who constantly posts boring, gripe-y crap. Can’t sleep (several times each week.) Sick again (several times each month.) Feel like dookey (whatever the hell that is, several times each month). Counting down the days until getting out of this hell hole of a job (a couple times each year.) Klll me now and put me out of my misery!

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  4. Don’t you dare feel bad for putting the attention seeker up there! That’s exactly what they want! They’re the worst! Well, second to the people who post smiling selfies with unrelated statuses, such as, “Merry Christmas” or “It’s June and it’s hot.” I know why you’re posting that selfie, so just post the selfie by itself or don’t post it at all!

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