The 7 types of people you find on Facebook

….shown by pictures of cats

#1 ‘the parent’ 


Identified by the constant stream of baby photos, shared baby related competitions and pictures of baby clothes. Usually they come in groups and they often enjoy a good fundraiser. Most likely you’ll have seen these people’s children more than your own nieces and nephews. 

# ‘the hipster’ 

It’s not only Ray Bans and Beanies now it’s anything remotely scrunchy related! Yes these people now masquerade themselves as extras from Friends! They are probably responsible for the odd Polaroid on your stream but other than Facebook is far too mainstream. 

#3’the over-sharer’


You’ll know exactly who this is, you’ll know that they recently got a new haircut or started a diet, or that their birthday is in week. You know EVERYTHING even if you haven’t seen them in years, sometimes you’ll even wonder if you should send them a link about Internet safety.

#4 ‘the gym bunny’


Lycra and trainers, oh and most likely a before and after with the odd inspirational quote. These people are responsible for the phrase ‘get pumped’ or ‘#summerbod’ and most likely the reason for protein powder competitions on your stream.

#5 ‘the shocked family member’


For every Frape, every drunk photo, for every status, they will be there! To leave a shocked and disappointed comment about telling your mother. 

#6 ‘the annoying couple’ 


Every single status involves ‘xoxo’ and a couple selfie or a very cheesy over the top quote. They’re resposible for the amount of time it takes to scroll down your stream because they update every 5 minutes.

#7 ‘the luncher’


These people, these very people are responsible for the phrase ‘cheeky Nando’s’ or ‘cheeky cocktail’ basically any time where somebody put the word ‘cheeky’ in front of a thing. The lunchers are identified by overuse of the ‘check in’ button and by a lot of pictures of food. A lot. 

Got any more Facebook types?? 

Love Robyn 

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