Weeks catch up…

Hello lovely reader, 

You having a good week and that? For me it’s been pretty tiring and from this weeks posts you can probably tell that I’ve struggling with this whole ‘being a grown up’ malarkey but I survived. I’m here and it’s Sunday. Woo.

So I thought I’d do a round up of my best posts ( ok well what I think the best posts are) because at the moment I have over a hundred and sometimes it can seem like one of those old weird book shops where you have to wade through the dust to find a good book, so I’m helping you out. 

So sit down with a cup of coffee and probably a massive slice of cake (it is Sunday after all) and get reading…

1. Do women hate other women?

2.  What you miss about 6th form even though you swore you never would…


3.  7 best comments from last week (btw this is happening tomorrow, so go read some posts and be weird, thanks).

4. Why Jess from new girl should be everybody’s spirit animal…


5.Things friends taught us about life…

6.  The worst kind of Facebook statuses 

7. Pugs expressing there emotions better than humans..

8. If films were like real life…


 Love Robyn x

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