5 things to remember if you’re feeling homesick…



I feel like this is becoming a bit of a series now.. Anyway if you’re feeling a little lost at the moment and you just wanna go home and see good old mum and dad, here are 5 ways to beat the blues…

1) Go outside but whatever you do, DONT sit and stare at other people and then cry into your hot chocolate, it will only make things worse!

2) During waves of homesickness try to avoid going on social media. You don’t need to see all the people you miss having fun without you. Avoid like the plague. 

3) Watch English TV, read an English book, speak to an English person, being abroad can be pretty alienating sometimes, so when the time comes surround yourself with englishy things and you’ll feel more at home. 

4) Go find someone to give you a big squeezey hug, that’s probably definitely what you need. Oh and do one thing on this list.

5) Remember that’s all gunna be aright, in half an hour you’ll realise that everyone’s just a Skype call away and that being away is also really quite cool too. 

Love Robyn! 

P.s I’ve been putting in links of old blog posts and attaching them to a word that there about, so have a click and you might some goodies!

4 thoughts on “5 things to remember if you’re feeling homesick…”

  1. My homesickness is more on my friends and relatives since my parents are here with me. But I couldn’t agree more with #2! 😀

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