10 things that only happen in primark..

It’s Saturday which means hoards of crazy shoppers are filling the streets, armed with an overdraft and a target destination: Primark.
1) The overwhelming urge to own fluffy socks in every colour of the rainbow, when it’s a pound a pair who can stop themselves??

2) Your motivation doubles, suddenly standing in a queue for 45 minutes for a changing room doesn’t seem so much of a problem…

3) Actual physical fights over handbags. Not even joking.

4) instead of rejoicing and hurrahing at a sale you at actual start to wonder how it can be reduced any more? 

5) Opening up a pack of marshmallows from the sweetie section as a little energy boosting snack for the way round (and of course putting the wrapper through at the end to pay, come on we’re not that bad).

6) Kids going crazy after there McDonald’s, running around aisle like ferrel cats with Frozen merchandise.

7) Repeating the mantra ‘I’m just nipping in for one thing, just for one thing’ over and over again but still coming out with 5 brown paper bags(that will inevitably break).

8) The feeling of sorrow you get for the cashier who has clearly spent far too long painfully wading through mountains of fluffy socks and bangles and stuffing them into bags.

9) Changing rooms that resemble more the aftermath of a nuclear bomb.

10) A feeling of unrivalled satisfaction when you managed to weasel your way under a pile of brogues and to find the last pair of Roman sandals, which is not only in your size but actually has a left and a right foot!

Good luck and happy shopping people!

Love Robyn! 

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