Feeling blue? Here are…


Hello lovely people of the Internet, after a particularly blue post this morning I thought I’d turn my frown upside down (where do I keep getting these cheesy quotes from?!) and do a slightly more cheerful post…

1. Allow yourself to be terribly slovenly for at least half an hour, lay in bed, wearing pyjamas, and really make a big snugly cocoon

2. Read/watch/hear something that makes you at least smile but even better something that makes you do a big belly laugh and need to wee

3. Eat garlic bread. With cheese. 

4. Buy a new notebook. New notebooks drive me crazy with glee, if I could just have a million notebooks and the opportunity to write on the new page of every one of them it would be great. 

5. Don’t listen to mean people. Just blow rasberrys in their face and remind yourself you’re wonderful. 

6. Indulge in your guilty pleasures, like singing to the Spice Girls? Do it! Drinking milk from the carton, go for it!

7. Watch your favourite film and be really annoying and say every line before its even said on screen and don’t care about the boos or hisses you get from other people. 

8. Have a big squeezy hug, one that really presses against your ribs and you feel like you’re going to pop, go find your partner, child or unsuspecting cat and cuddle them! 

9. Don’t go on any social media, nobody needs to see how supposedly brilliant other people’s lives are when you’re having a shit day. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. 

10. However do use the Internet for good and Google pictures of pugs dressed in fancy dress costumes or simply read this post here. This also works with cats and unlikely animal friends.

Got any of your own? Tell me!

love Robyn!

20 thoughts on “Feeling blue? Here are…”

  1. If you’re ever feeling sad Google images of ‘happy queen’ and it comes up with queen smiling- I’m so weird but it melts my heart everytime!! Her happiness makes me happy (almost as happy as this post which is quite simply adorable)

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      1. A no-breather is swimming from one length of the pool to the other, underwater without coming up for air. Say 25-50 Yards? I do 25 Yards mostly.

        I wasn’t recommending it for everyone hehe, just something that puts a smile on my face when I am done.

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  2. That’s a nice quirky list! How about making zoink faces to yourself in the mirror! I don’t even know if that word exists, but you get what I mean! 😉


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