When is the right time to delete someone on Facebook?

We’ve all probably been there scrolling down our feed and suddenly you see a name…well who’s that then? A few minutes pass, you’ve clicked on their Facebook and you might slightly vaguely recognise them and then you realise it’s a friend of a friend you met a party one time. In a time when it was cool to have as many friends on Facebook as possible, you just HAD to add this person, even though there was no chance you would let alone Facebook message never mind actually see them in person. 

So now here’s the dilemma? Delete or not delete? 

You don’t want to seem rude by deleting them because one day they might just check on your pofile. Hmm but on the other hand you kind of don’t care about the uni photos they’re tagged in because tbh you don’t even know them that well in the first place. 

Hmm so in that case I would delete, I think when it takes one mutual friend or more before you realise who they are, you’re probably not going to be best friends any time too. 

But then what about holiday friends?! Old School friends?! That girl you met in The Box that time?! 

You can’t just delete them! You know them! 

Argh what to do what to do?!

Then there are those people that you might have known really well at some point and spent loads of time with them but since you stopped going to that gym or that class, the friendship sadly dwindled away…

Now that’s a head scratcher.

To be honest I am one of those people, I just leave people there on my timeline because a) I’m too lazy to remove them and b) I think what’s the harm. 

And that leads me on to a whole other theory is Facebook sometimes a bit like an outdated phone book? On the one hand as a person living in Germany  it’s this amazing opportunity to stay connected to my friends and family in England, on the other sometimes I think ‘I really am never going to see these people again’ so what’s the point? 

What’s your Facebook friend deleting protocol? Do you find yourself wondering who people are on your friend list more and more?

Love Robyn. 

29 thoughts on “When is the right time to delete someone on Facebook?”

  1. I simply un-follow their feeds. They don’t know you’ve done this, so anytime you feel like randomly checking up on them, you can go to their page to look.

    Funny story: I’m connected to a lot of family members on FB and I have one particular family member that loves to show off her cleavage, so I don’t follow her, because I can only imagine how difficult it would be to explain her…ahem…features showing up on my feed when some random person walks by as I’m looking at FB.

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  2. I try to go trough my Facebook friends at least once a year, just to see if there is someone I do not understand why I am friends with. Usually it was someone I maybe got a friend request after meeting one time at a club… Haha!


  3. May I add my two cents’ worth of thought? I can hardly bring myself to delete anyone, unless they’ve done something highly objectionable. On the other hand, I began being very picky who I accept. No more college students in Africa, and no more single women with names like “Cherry” who only post selfies of themselves in bikinis (actually, I’ve accepted none of those). However, other bloggers? Absolutely! 😉


  4. I know, right? I’ve had the same thoughts about my FB. To make matters extra confusing, I maintain two. A “Blog FB” Page and a “personal” FB. I let anyone be my friend on the blog page (unless they start sending me suggestive messages or posting sales pitches at which point I automatically ditch and block them). But, the personal page is getting tricky. It seems to have gotten particularly bogged down with people – currently saying I have 686 Friends. Good grief! I mean… who are all these people?! I speculate that I personally know, see and/or communicate fairly regularly with about 100 (or less).
    And thus the dilemma and mental wrestling that you’ve described ensues.
    In all my years I’ve only “unfriended” one person because they became abusive. Even then, I waited a long time before I finally did it.
    But, I’ve been knowingly unfriended by 2 people who I knew well from former employment and volunteer work, and it was painful. I considered them lovely friends. In each separate case they went out of their way to send me a message actually notifying me that they were un-friending me and Why (in short, because they decided they could not tolerate my religion, and thus could not tolerate me). I was shocked! I never would have “unfriended” them in a million years just because we disagreed on religious beliefs, or had any other differences for that matter. I personally think having friends with diverse viewpoints is the secret to becoming more tolerant and balanced human beings. But, apparently some don’t.
    Consequently, based on that painful experience, I can’t bring myself to “unfriend” anyone now. I’d hate for them to ever feel “rejected”. I may “unfollow” someone, but I keep them in my “friend storage”. After all, you never know when you just might need to network with them in future.
    Whenever I choose to post something now I pause and ask myself if I really want over 650+ random people to see it (which is probably a healthy social network habit for everyone to develop).

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    1. Wow what a great response! I always feel so impolite deleting people but sometimes it comes to a point when I realise that I just don’t know these people anymore, it’s a bit of spring cleaning :p but I understand your point, it does feel a bit heartless!

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  5. I tend to realise that I either don’t know the person or haven’t spoken to them in years when it’s their birthday. So instead of having a birthday wish, its a birthday un-friend 😀

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  6. I just don’t have a Facebook. Other than WordPress, I am reclusive and never found anywhere else on the internet. You may find me stealing cabbage with the other rabbits at your local farm.

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    1. It’s so great to be with the new herd… There’s this one other hare called Hazel and he’s so darn good at stealing cabbage… You wouldn’t believe the stockpile we have in our burrow. In your face, Farmer Brown.


  7. I don’t delete anyone, I just go to their page and unfollow them – we still remain Facebook friends but I don’t have to see their posts in my news feed every day.

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  8. I never delete anyone. Selfishly (and I know this is a stupid reason), I want as many people as possible to have access to each new link to my blog that I post on Facebook. If I delete people, that’s less of a chance they’ll have to see my blog pop up on their news feed. However, I have no problem unfollowing them. If they’re posting a bunch of crap that I don’t care about, they’re banished from my news feed. Wait… what if they’re doing the same thing to me when I post links to my blog?! That’s it! DELETED!

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  9. I review about every five months or so. If there are people on my list that I have had no interaction with whatsoever not even as much as a ‘like’ or a comment, then they are gone. It makes everything more manageable. I know, I know: I’m ruthless 🙂

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