The quirky things that make me love Germany.


Is it weird to say things like ‘quirky’? No, okay moving on, over the last few months I’ve been living in Germany and its definately more than schnitzels and lederhosen that makes this country loveable. 

1) The German fascination with recycling, it’s compulsive and it is taken with the upmost seriousness. Do not even think about haphazardly throwing that apple core away. Do not. (But the great thing is you actually get 25 cents for bringing plastic bottles back, sadly this doesn’t work with wine bottle though 😦 )

2) Really funny sexually sounding things that brighten up every trip to the supermarket, hehehe ‘Dickmilch’.


3) Buses, this might make me sound like a really old person with nothing better to do than talk about buses. But German buses actually run ON TIME annnnnd you can actually sneak on free, what’s not to love?

4) German universities DONT  cost £9000 and don’t cause people mammoth amounts of debt unlike some countries (I’m talking about you England).

5) If you ever get a little bit nostalgic for the sweet taste of England there’s most likely an Irish Pub nearby that sells Walkers cheese and onion crisps and cider.Home sweet home. 


 6)  Wasen! Oktoberfest! Getting ridiculously drunk of litres of beer and embarrassing the whole of the English speaking world! Wunderbar!

7) Haribos. 


8) Sometimes you actually see old men wearing Lederhosen and funny hats (trachtenhüte) in a non ironic and serious way.

9) Seasons. It snows in winter (like real Frozen style winter wonderland snow)  and its sunny in summer. 


10) Being able to get a doner kebab in the middle of the day. And it doesn’t taste like floor meat. Score! 

11) I think might actually probably definately maybe more types of beer than actual Geman people. 

12) Kasespätzle, Zwiebelkuchen, Maultaschen, Bretzeln, Schwarzwälderkirschtorte. All those things might sound like fungus infections but aaaactually very tasty German food. 


13) In some places you don’t even have to go outside for a smoke, passive smoking (boo) but not having to wait outside in the pissing rain whilst your friend has a fag (yaaay). 

14) Even when you’re flustering around being all scared and English wondering when the next train is coming, there’s usually a very helpful German person that loves to speak English to help you find your way

Love, Robyn. 

10 thoughts on “The quirky things that make me love Germany.”

  1. The Israelis make a version of Dickmann’s that we can find in the States. The first time we saw them, my husband announced at the top of his voice, “Dickmann’s!” Luckily, he has been in the U.S. long enough that his English tendency to feel embarrassed easily has eroded.

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  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! This is a very cool article- one day I hope to travel and maybe I’ll see Germany for myself 🙂 Looking forward to reading more great stuff from you! Cheers!

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