How to deal with…


Being that I am such a good grown up, like well good at being organised and life, I thought I’d help you deal with those stressfull situations…



Really Robyn?

Okay no I can’t help you with stressfull situations but i do however know how to NOT deal with them.

Oh this again…

Yes this again!

So this should be called ‘How to NOT deal with stressfull situations’?


1. When you can’t find your purse in your bag absolutely start sweating and looking around embarrassed.

2. Stall your car repeatedly when you don’t know what to do. 

3. Cry your way through an entire exam and when somebody asks you what’s wrong make ‘fmawwwk’ noises. 

4. Walk into an interview, shout ‘the job is mine’ and then high 5 the interviewer and leave.

5. Only speak in pig Latin when you want to avoid an awkward conversation.

6. Simply melt down into tears when you have more than 1 meal to cook. Until someone comes and helps you.

7.  Shout ‘oh my god I cant do this, I can’t do this’ whenever Anybody gives you an important job. 

8. Be too awkward and nervous to ask anybody for directions.

9. When your hairdresser is in a rush and you don’t knew what hairstyle to go for, open up a magazine and point at the first one you see. 

10. When you have to stand up and do a presentation, pretend you have a phone call and run out of the room.

11. Only stay in your apartment forever.

12. Instead of patiently waiting for a queue when you’re in a rush just cough very close to the person in front and see how quick it takes you to get to the front. 

13. Just go ‘blarghk’ and lie down. 

14. Only eat off of paper plates for the rest of your life that way you never ever have do the washing up.

And that was my concise list of how to be bad in stressful situations, now all you have to do is the complete opposite.

Thankyou Robyn, that was almost the most unhelpful list ever.

No I think you’ll find this one is.

Love Robyn.

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