Did you comment on my blog last week? Then look here, you might be mentioned!


Basically I have wonderful,  brilliant and weird readers and they leave wonderful, brilliant and weird comments. So I thought today I would celebrate you crazy people you….

The funniest: 

In relation to my post about a hatred for sunshine in this post here, Miss Snarkypants decided to shed some light on Florida’s own special type of weather:

‘I live in South Florida. My life is a lit gas grill from April through October. We use molten lava for ice packs around here. We’re going to have to move in a few years because I’m pretty sure the entire state will be on fire by then’

The cutest:

This lady could have got this award from her name alone, miss Fattymccupcake left me the cutest comment ever on my post here:

‘Um, you’re adorable and funny. I’m also loving reading posts by someone British (I have an obsession for all things British).’

The most honest:

Okay when I saw this comment from The Voice on my ‘try not to be disappointed post’ I took it a little it to heart at first but then I realised this is obviously a loyal reader who has lots more lovely things to say about my blog. So now I’m very thankful they stopped by! 

Robyn, I’ll give you a different perspective (or maybe it’s really not because like the others, it is meant to be encouraging). When I first starting reading your blog posts, the spelling and grammar mistakes drove me crazy. But that’s my problem, not yours. I’m just a fussy Virgo who nitpicks too much. I’ve come to understand that those mistakes are distinctively you and now I don’t think I would want it to be any other way. And really, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks. This blog is YOURS! You make it whatever you want it to be. You’re sharing pieces of yourself and so in that sense, nothing you write is bad, because it’s all you.
I think anyone who writes has moments of doubt, but that’s normal. Just write whatever you want and those who love it will find you and stay and those that don’t… won’t. Just be yourself and have fun. You’ve got a beautiful perspective on this crazy world and I love seeing things through your eyes. Keep up the good work.

The weirdest:

It’s not everyday that someone offers to adopt me…especially not someone on the Internet which is why The ME project, takes this award (but I do have to say it’s a pretty cool comment!) 

‘You are adorable, and you make me laugh, so now I must adopt you…seriously, though, you do remind me of me at your age. I can tell you with some confidence that it will get better. ‘Course, by then, you’ll have a whole slew of other ridiculous issues you aren’t equipped to deal with so…at least you will consistently have things to write about. Forever. :)’

The most inspiring:

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to keep going, Meredith at Mypinkchampagnelife did it perfectly on my here..

‘I have no great advice except to just keep writing:) I’ve had those days (weeks) where it seems like everything I write is just blah. So I won’t post or I’ll procrastinate by eating ice cream sandwiches in my bathtub. Last week was like this for me (lots of ice cream sandwiches) and I barely posted things. You’re not alone, maybe that’ll help-it helps me knowing I’m not the only one who struggles:) Blessings!!!’

The biggest culture shock: 

I actually had to cut the rest of the comment out because I was so shocked at the start of it! How can you not have these in America, Mindy! If you’re wondering about the rest of the comment read it here.

‘I don’t know what a Jaffa cake is….’

The most interestingly factual : 

 I wasn’t sure if Primes reviews-Games and Gains should get the award for most factual or longest comment, I went with the first! Unfortunately I had to cut it down a little bit but you can see the full comment on my post ‘do women hate other women?‘. 

‘The pressure is created somewhat by society, but heavily amplified by people themselves! Societal standard are total b.s. I mean the very thought of looking like somebody is pretty much impossible! What’s worse is that people say they look for good character, but in reality they want to see a picture perfect human. We all have different genetics, home environment , background and intrinsic and extrinsic stresses. ‘

And that’s the award for today! Leave me a weirdly wonderful comment and you might get a mention in next weeks roundup!

Love Robyn. 

33 thoughts on “Did you comment on my blog last week? Then look here, you might be mentioned!”

      1. Ive just found out that apparently jc’s are a very British thing and although you can get them in the states and other countries they are not as readily available. Those poor people😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They stole them from us during the
        I would have thought so too apparently Walmart do them. They just don’t know what there missing😊


  1. I can’t believe that so many people don’t know what Jaffa Cakes are. I’ll have to do a post on them… I’m going to have to get thinking about a weird and wonderful comment though – for no reason at all it’s a challenge! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We’ll have to compare notes of the Jaffa Cakes posts lol. I think the job is too important for just one person to spread the word on them, it’s too much responsibility 😛


  2. All right, y’all. I’m sorry I DIDN’T know what a Jaffa Cake was, but I do now! It’s on my list of things that I NEED in my life. Also, I’m dying over the fact that I made the list because I didn’t know what a Jaffa Cake was. I’ve got to think of something really American now and see if you all know what it is.


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