How to get rid of writers block…


My blog posts have been pretty helpful this week haven’t they? 


Okay well moving on, seeing as I spend maybe around 4 hours of the day, talking to nobody just staring at a screen trying to think of a bloody blog post, I thought I actually really might be able to help this time..

1) Pick up your technological blog writing device, go to the window, open it, and throw it out the window. Pretend you never had a blog ever. 

2) Eat a whole box of Jaffa cakes until an idea comes. This could take 3 boxes, just in case. 

3) Get into thinking pose, aka sitting on your head.

4) Continue to get really annoyed with everyone because it’s ALL THEIR FAULT you cant think of an idea. 

5) Go outside with the human people. And stare at them until an idea comes. 

6)  Or persuade your own cat to come and sit on your knee and sit there like an evil genius. 

7) See how many cups of tea a human body can actually handle. 

8) Also see how long you can wear pyjamas for, even try going to the shop.

9) Look for ‘inspiration’ on the Internet, but get lost somewhere around stalking that girl from schools friend of a friend of a friend. 

10) Call in sick because this is going to take all day.

Hope that helps…

Love Robyn.

19 thoughts on “How to get rid of writers block…”

  1. Robyn, now I’m gonna be checking my apartment for a hidden camera, because you have obviously been spying on me LOL. I go through similar woes when I’m stumped for a post idea. What makes matters worse is that my blog isn’t even a daily blog, it’s just there for me to think aloud and counter the insanity of my life hahahaha.

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  2. Your blog posts have been helpful – don’t put yourself down. They’ve made me smile and now I know lots more about how NOT to live my life. Back on topic – I like all of these ideas. The Jaffa Cakes one in particular is helpful, although you may need more.

    Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy fame would get stuck on his stories until a few weeks before the due dates for his book to be written. The pressure of writing it would then spur him on to do it. He would often take baths when he had writers block – so you can imagine, in those last few weeks he probably spent most of it in the bath!

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