9 things better than having to have responsibilities…


I’m a terrible grown up.

You might already know this, you might have offered me some words of wisdom and told me everything’s going to be alright.

But still every day I wake up and and I’m like ‘arghhh this whole being a grown up and a job and having to be places at a certain time happens everyday!’.

So here as I put off getting ready for work, I decided to make a list of things that would actually be much better than being a grown up and having responsibilities…I might be being dramatic…

1. If I woke up and realised a group of cats had broken into my house and pooped all over the floor. 
2. Failing my driving test for the 6th time.

3. Realising that my metabolism had slowed down to the point where just breathing in oxygen made me put on weight.

4. Waking up, realising I’d dropped my glasses down the back of the bed and my boyfriends not there to help me find them.

5. The price of €1.79 wine being put up to €2.79.

6. Realising that I’d lost the bet between who does the washing up between me and my boyfriend for the next 10 years.

7. Only having shoes that gave you blisters the size of walnuts. Forever.

8. If one day they decided to stop Netflix in order to increase productivity among the human population. 

9. If it all turned out WordPress was playing a joke on me and nobody ever commented on my blog ever…or even read it.

Sigh okay okay I’ll stop pissing about now and get back to being a grown up, gosh this is the worst. 

Love Robyn.

Read this Post, that will make you laugh so hard your belly will hurt. Or something along those lines.

16 thoughts on “9 things better than having to have responsibilities…”

  1. I look forward to those pings from WordPress telling me someone, anyone, has liked my posts. I salivate like a Pavlovian dog when I hear it. I smile and bounce around and for a moment, all is right with the world.
    If it was all cruel joke, I wouldn’t want to know. That’s a reality I couldn’t deal with.

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    1. Had to google what a Pavlovian dog is, nothing to do with Pavlovas! Aha I think we all need blogging rehab if I’m honest…well if my boyfriend could have is way we would all have blogging rehab so he could finally speak to me without me staring at an iPad and nodding

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      1. Haha. Too funny. My friends have the same complaints about me. I think that’s a universal blogger characteristic… we’re in good company.


  2. All bloggers have night sweats about #9. Myself included! I’ve been blogging for a long time, but hit a brick wall and quit for a enough time that my regulars bailed. Understandable. Then for no apparent logical reason, one day I woke up and said “I think I’ll blog again”. But finding a whole new audience is hard.

    You seem to have a great crowd here so I think you re safe from worries.

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    1. Some days I look at my blog and think nope not doing it and then I give ,use,f an ultimatum: write a blog post or go for a run, things soon start to pick up after that


    1. Yeah but even they would be better than having to get up early and do grown up things! Thanks for stopping by again 🙂 did you like my Yorkshire post? I hope it’s on your travel bucket list xm

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