Things Friends taught us about about life…

  • That its okay that the takeaway knows your name and says things like ‘ooh you again’. 


  • That being overly emotional at films  and weepy is okay. 


  • That when you don’t know what to do with your life, just have a lie down. 


  • That usually when you lie about being ‘fine’ it’s the most obvious thing in the world. 


  • That sometimes you’re not in tune with your emotions but you are in tune with being sarcastic. 


  • You might be legally classed as an ‘adult’ but you still make TERRIBLE decisions.


  • It’s okay if your eyebrows aren’t ‘on fleek’.


  • To be not entirely sure what your friends or even parents do for a living.


  • That its fine if you reactions to situations are not always very useful.


  • We ALL make beauty faux pars, more often than not involving fake tan or false eyelashes.


  • Your career, degree etc might not be going in a clear direction but that’s fine when you’ve got food. Food helps everything.


  • To hide any pictures of you from a less flattering time or actively deny that being you.


  • To just ignore anybody that tries to tell you about saturated fat or carbohydrates.


love Robyn.

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