Well haven’t you tried being a little happier?!

(and other things you shouldn’t say to people struggling with depression and other mental illnesses include: why don’t you just snap out of it?! Things aren’t that bad! )

This post in case you haven’t got the jist is about mental illness. I was inspired by this lovely book:


To 1 in 4 people, being happy or a little less sad is a monstrous task and something that a lot of people suffer with alone (or behind closed doors). What Lee Crutchley (author and very nice man) tries to do is help people be productive and active against their rainy days. 

Rather than saying ‘go sit on a therapists couch and talk about your feelings’ he gets you to draw and write and describe, all things that produce positive emotions against anxiety or depression. 



Lovely, isn’t it? 

You don’t have to accept the way you feel (when you don’t feel like Beyoncé at the MET ball) as just being a ‘bad day’, you can do something about it, check out Leecrutchley.co.uk for lots of other snippets of mindfulness goodness. 

Love Robyn. 

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