15 things only mums know…


So this post is inspired by the conversation  I had with my mum in which she explained to me the ins and outs of making a sunday roast…via skype.

1) That you should take the skin off of the chicken if you are making chicken casserole…otherwise it will go greasy and weird.

2) Exactly which clothes go on which washmachine cycle.

3) The time that all Sainsbury’s shut within a hundred mile radius of you.

4) The difference in taste between white wines (which to me all taste like different variations of vinegar).

5) How to iron a shirt in five seconds.

6) How be nice to be nice to someone they completely hate in the middle of the weekly shop.

7) How to make the perfect onion gravy.

8) The dates of the kids school holidays even when their own kids are 25.

9) How long roast potatoes need to cook.

10) That if they don’t buy toilet roll, noone else will.

11) That you and your siblings might fully grown adults but it’s still okay to feed you chicken nuggets or packet noodles.

12) That apparently you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes (although I do have to disagree).

13) Obscure people’s birthdays like your mums cousin’s twice removed.

14) That no amount of house shaped candle holders or sofa cushions will ever be enough.

15) That it’s better to buy an expensive Prosecco than a cheap Champagne.

Love ya mum! Now fingers crossed my roasties for todays lunch don’t go soggy…

Love Robyn

12 thoughts on “15 things only mums know…”

  1. 16) Reminds you, before her birthday, that she no longer collects salt & pepper shakers and doesn’t know where to put the other 50 sets you gave her.

    17) She explains every time she burns the roast, that it is “well done” and she learned to cook it that way during the war (WWII) because meat was scarce and not of the best quality.


  2. 1) reminds me of the last time I made sausage casserole the easy way. (Didn’t bother removing sausage skins first). Someone said, upon discovering said offending article in their plateful, “Oh look, you’ve forgetten to remove their condoms”! I haven’t made that particular dish since.

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      1. That would be good. May just encourage me to try it again! I can see it now: ’15 things that can happen while making sausage casserole’.

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