Winter isn’t winter if…

Like I said in my last blog post, I am full on in the christmas spirit but I thought maybe my festive cheer might be a bit too overbearig so I’ve moved over into the less dangerous territory of winter…

1) You don’t fall over at least once on leaf sludge/ icy leaf sludge. 

2) You don’t completely misjudge what ‘cold spell’ means and go out wearing a leather jacket and ripped skinny jeans. 

3) You don’t indulge in the free gift wrapping service at Debenhams, who’s got time for presemt wrapping?!


4) You don’t get over zealous with hats with big poms poms on them. 

5) You don’t try and lose some weoght before christmas so you’ll have more room for the christmas podge that is sure rear it’s head in January.

6) If you don’t go completely overboard on Snapchat, snapping every picture at every Victoria /German christmas market going.


7) You don’t refer Winter as just in fact ‘Christmas’.

8) You don’t start buying clothes with birds on, or christmas puddings or even pyjamas that have the slightly inappropriate ‘ho ho ho’ slogan on them.

9) You don’t come home and put the fire on/radiators on max and refuse to move for the next 5 hours.


10) You don’t start to appreciate the crisp air a little more, it really sobers you up after a bender.

11) If you don’t start a vigorous weight training programme of carrying boxes of wine and Quality Street tins from Sainsbury’s.

12) If you don’t start your day by havig chocolate for breakfasr.


Love Robyn! 

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