12 classic mum quotes….


You know those things that only mums say and it makes you think ‘did you get a mum handbook and get told to learn these phrases?’ Well this is the handbook…

1) ‘Well don’t be putting things about me  on THE Facebook’ 

2) ‘Turn that big light off!’

3) ‘Shut that bloody door, you’re either in or you’re out!’ 

4) ‘ oh well Robyn you don’t really like custard do you? Or is that your brother…l get mixed up..’

5) ‘Oh well the cleaning fairies won’t come *looks at children sadly*’

6) ‘I don’t know why it has to be so technically difficult..first you have press this button and then that and it’s all just bloody difficult’

7) ‘ How long will that email take to get there?’ 

8) ‘ it’s like a bloody pig sty in your room!’ 

9) ‘If you’d done it right in the first place it wouldn’t need doing again!’ 

10) ‘Right how do I get on the Internet? Oh what’s happening  what’s happening I’m on the Youtube’ 

11) ‘ oh thats a short skirt, you can practically see what she had for breakfast’ 

12) ‘look at all that crap *points at your valuable possessions* get it tidied’ 

Love Robyn! 

7 thoughts on “12 classic mum quotes….”

  1. My mom was born in Scotland, raised in England … she could have said many of these things like:

    LOVE #11 — that’s hilarious! 😉

    My mom said: bloody, arse, chewsday (for Tuesday), fancy that, cheeky … and some other things I can’t remember at the moment.

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  2. Hahahaha! So many of these are great. But I think you forgot the universal mum saying of, “Oye, get out! Me Furry friends are coming over and I don’t want ye t’ be gettin’ hit with stray man-spackle from a bloke dressed up as a fox!” Or was that just my mum?


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