How much is TOO much?


Look at this pug enjoying the sunshine, all bikini’d up and feeling fabulous….I bet if this pug was a human, it would have instagram’d this, and then facebook’d and then tweeted a motivational quote on Twitter.

And then I would of thought: arghkkkkk why oh why.

But anyway it got me thinking…how much is too much? Where do people draw the line when it comes to telling people on the Internet what you had for breakfast, how you got your abs and a picture of your (probably) dribbling 2 year old?

Is the Internet a place to tell people everything about you?  Sometime I stare at my face book and I just think ‘why would you tell people this?!’, stuff that I wouldn’t even tell my best friend after I sworn her to secrecy and threatened to banish her off to a desert island.

And it’s not the same as just going out for a few wines and telling your mates your life problems, most of the people you see on Facebook you haven’t seen in 5 years and never will again!  Why do they need to know about your recurring athletes foot?! 

Facebook is a beautiful thing, as a person that lives in a different country to her family and friends, Facebook is great! 

But it definitely has it limitations…

The judgers, the over sharers, the checker-in-ers,the attention seekers, all the people that make you think ‘that is enough internet for the day’.

If you ask anyone to list the best things about Facebook, they will list of a boring list of 3 things, if you ask anyone ‘what do you bloody hate about Facebook?’ You will have an hour long conversation explaining all the terribly bad things about it, how many people you hate and why you should bloody delete the thing! 

It’s a crazy world when the thing people are sub-consciously obsessive about is probably a thing that drives people the craziest! 

Facebook, you are a funny one..

What do you think about it? 

Love Robyn! 

7 thoughts on “How much is TOO much?”

  1. That’s very true, particularly the bit about listing what you like/dislike about Facebook. I post next to nothing on Facebook, but keep my account because I’m a misery voyeur and watched in endless fascination as many of my acquaintances (including a cousin) played out their divorces in a very public way. Sad, but I couldn’t look away.


  2. Using social media is an art an reflection of personality. This is probably why some employers want to see your Facebook page, to see who you really are. How you portray yourself is up to every individual, because of all this I rarely post on Facebook and let Minions speak for me most of the time. But for me, when someone’s life is falling apart, it’s not great to read all about it and really they should be trying to find another channel for their grief.


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