7 ways to enjoy life without wifi…..(this is such a joke it hurts)

This is so cool I’m sat writing this post all way up high in the sky…yep really cool….but also…eek just one tiny thing there seems to be absolutely no wifi. Nope.

So I can’t send any obnoxious selfies with even more obnoxious captions like ‘#holiday#so excited#travel’ nope. It’s such a shame, I’m sure lots of people are missing them..

Okay probably not.

People are probably not missing my tweets either. Sigh I miss the wifi world. 

But remember there was a time when 2 or more people could be in a room and not have to ask ‘what’s the wifi code??!’ (I’m so glad I missed that part…) so I have put together a list of things you can do without wifi….l

1) Constantly wonder what all your friends are doing and how amazing it would be to just scroll down your Instagram feed right now. 

2) Eat your feelings of loneliness and despair (unless you’re at an airport or indeed flying because you will need to remortgage your house for a smelly cheese sandwich.

3) Think to yourself ‘ohh I’m going to read a good book’ open the good book, read a paragraph and then so actions 1 and 2.

4) Try and ignore the screaming children sat 2 rows in front of you by being drunk. 

5) Imagine how amazing your first Instagram picture is gunna be after this excessively long hiatus (2 hours) from the Internet….and then wonder how that girl got so many likes…she’s not even famous….

6) Send telepathic messages to your other half and hope that you get some back.

7) Wonder if this is what it felt like in the 1500s.

Luckily I made a pack lunch so I can at least eat some brownies and drink my tiny but extremely overpriced 3€ bottle of water….that should take up a solid 2 minutes…then only 2 more hours left to go…

Miss you wifi! 

Love Robyn!

16 thoughts on “7 ways to enjoy life without wifi…..(this is such a joke it hurts)”

  1. Well, I suppose being sans-wifi is like being alive in the 1500s…provided you also have gonorrhea and haven’t bathed in close to a month. Please tell me you didn’t use the lack of wifi as an excuse to not bathe for a month. I think this is why people have babies. Their wifi is out so they revert to old fashioned entertainment but don’t have the internet to tell them how the Rhythm Method works.

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  2. 1500s??? … try the 1960s when I grew up

    No HD television, no color television; I grew up with black & white TV

    No satellite, cable, or digital television; just the standard analog network VHF channels 2 – 13 and the occasional independent UHF channel

    No on-demand, no Roku, no Apple TV, no Netflix, no Hulu, no DVR, no DVD, no VHS; you watched what was on at the time or you waited for what you wanted to see to come on

    No cell phone cameras, no digital cameras, no webcams, no camcorders; both still and movie cameras used film that needed to be developed before you could see the results

    No Internet, satellite, or digital radio, no FM radio; only AM radio

    No iTunes, no iPods, no MP3 players, no play lists, no CD players, no cassette decks; I had a record player that played vinyl 33 1/3 RPM Long Play albums or 45 RPM singles

    No FaceTime, no Skype, no video conferencing, no iMessage, no instant messaging, no email; you talked on the phone, met in person, or wrote and mailed paper letters

    No Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Twitter, no blogs; “networking” involved cocktail parties, golf games, business lunches, and other actual “face time”

    No Meeting Place, no WebEx, no GoToMeeting, no Live Meeting; meetings required a physical presence somewhere

    No smart phones, no cell phones, no satellite phones, no pagers, no texting, no answering machines; only land-line phones at home and if you needed to make a call away from home there were coin-operated “pay phones”

    No Google/Bing/Apple/MapQuest Maps, no Google Earth, no Google Street View, no Waze, no turn-by-turn directions, no car navigation systems, no GPS; we had paper maps

    No Google, no Bing, no Yahoo, no YouTube, no Yelp, no Siri; if you wanted to find out about something or how to do something or where something was located, you went to the library to look it up in an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, almanac, or other reference book

    No Internet, no iPads, no laptop computers, no desktop computers, no graphing calculators, no scientific calculators, no business calculators, no basic “+ – x ÷” four-function calculators; only mechanical adding machines, slide rules, and pencil & paper

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  3. Currently in a similar position, waiting for my Eurotunnel train to be called and then I won’t have wifi for three weeks! Not sure how I’ll cope…I might need to actually talk to people for once

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  4. The wifi on my phone broke last week – it was truly disastrous. It seemed like the world went mad, the Earth shook, mountains fell, dogs and cats were living together and babies cried for their lollipops.
    I have another phone now, so the world is back to normal – I apologise to the rest of the world for the panic and distress caused.


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