Things that happen when you’re an English person living abroad…


  •  You have to force yourself not just to go down th easy route and just speak English. 
  • Even though you’ll realise that all Europeans and people from the rest of the world speak incredible English.
  • When somebody finds out that you’re English they will ask you if you’re from London.  
  • Oh and people ask if English people really drink tea with milk in it
  • You try and have a serious conversation with the Internet company or phone company in the foreign language, freak out and go back to English. 
  • You will nearly order beef liver in a restaurant because you couldn’t translate until someone very kindly stops you. 
  • You find yourself amazed at foreign supermarkets.
  • But after a while you just miss Dairy milk and easy access to cheddar cheese. 
  • You start to think you might be getting the hang of the lingo and then somebody asks you for directions in the street and you absolutely can’t understand them. 
  • If you live in Germany you’ll probably gain half a stone in weight just by looking at the bakeries. 
  • You’ll start to have weird half English half foreign language conversations with people. 
  • You’ll realise that even after 5 years of learning a foreign language it did not prepare you for actual real life foreign people.  
  • You’ll wonder why every country doesn’t just have an NHS.
  • You can still be a lazy stay in bed student only abroad and it seems so much cooler.
  • You will probably meet people and only speak English.
  • You start cycling places and think to a stranger you must look really cool and cultured. 
  • You’ll get pangs of homesickness, thank goodness for Skype. 
  • You mainly try and blag your way through job interviews and such because you’re not entirely sure what you’re agreeing to. 
  • Your main goal is being able to watch How I met your mother in the foreign language.
  • You realise no cheese will ever be as almighty as cheddar, 

Love Robyn.

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25 thoughts on “Things that happen when you’re an English person living abroad…”

      1. You’ll have to buy it all when they do just to keep you going. And if i could i would it might be a bit nibbled though i cant resist😊


    1. Oh gosh French seems so hard to me! Ive been living in Germany since September and before that I barely spoke a word of German but I managed to pick it up just by speaking it a lot! So don’t worry if you love there it will come along a lot faster

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed, immersion into a culture with a language different than your own is certainly the best and fastest way to learn. As for French seeming hard, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy what little I’ve learned thus far has been to pick up, though it helps that I have someone who knows the language around, I’d probably be completely lost on my own.


      2. I loved with a French family for 7 months and only iced up the words for chicken, dinner and stop. Haha but you’ll get it, a dreamy life in France is enough motivation.


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