You know you are not a good person in a rush when..


  • You tend to have spent the whole hour before doing nothing only to realise you need to do everything in the next 10 minutes.
  • You tend to start sweating and panicking when you have a deadline. 
  • You swear you put your phone and wallet in your pocket. You check. Not here. So you rush around the room throwing things around just to realise it’s in your pocket. 
  • You tend to rush out the house without the thing you need to bring. 
  • You will melt into a middle of tears if you’re looking for something and can’t find it.  
  • When people tell you to hurry up even though you’re running at 100mph you have been known to hurl sweary insults at them. 
  • You forget where absolutely everything you own is. 
  • Everybody gets annoyed with you for always having to rush around but you can’t help it (why don’t they understand?!)
  • Instead of being productive in the short time you have left you might have a sit down and Instagram a picture of a cat. 
  • You don’t even untie your shoelaces anymore when you come home because you know the chances are the next time you leave the house you won’t have time to put tie them up again. 
  • You’re not entirely sure what ‘being on time without looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush’ looks like.
  • The amount of times you have to run back home to check if you locked the door counts as ‘going to the gym’ for you. 
  • You can’t imagine what having a breakfast on a busy morning feels like.
  • If your shoes aren’t made for running after a train/person what’s the point. 
  • The only time you’re ever ready at a decent time is when your going on holiday. 
  • You always always have to decide between going for a wee or managing to be on time for the bus. Never both. 
  • You tend to be ironing a shirt, cooking pasta and talking on the phone all at the same time (and failing). 
  • You’ve had to start keeping deodrant at work for the amount time you’ve come in sweating from your morning rush.

Love Robyn.

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