The things I miss most about England…


Oh England, rainy old England, how my heart aches for you. And cheddar cheese.

1) Tiger Tiger Tuesday’s,Fusion on Friday,  Space on Saturdays, and feeling a bit sorry for yourself and hungover on Sunday.  

2) Cheddar cheese, so good and so missed I mentioned it twice. Gouda just doesn’t cut it.

3) Shopping on Sunday’s, in Germany its against the law to shop on Sunday. Which means you have to think ahead about Sunday morning hangover food and Sunday evenings wine, probably the most inconvenient thing ever.

4) Being able to borrow money of my parents just as your about to miss the bus and don’t have time to get any money out. How come there’s no international bank of dad? 😥

5) YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS. You hot delicious bastards.

6) Carboot sales every Sunday. How I miss the weekly ritual of looking at other peoples old crap that they don’t need anymore, buying it for 50p and then giving it pride of place in the cellar because you didn’t really need another mop.

7) The Yorkshire accent, the accent of Gods. Who needs T’s, who needs H’s?! When you sound like the cast of Emmerdale there’s really no better place to be in life.

8) The simplicity of the NHS, being on guest insurance in Germany means I’m paying for EVERYTHING and waiting a long time and filling out 1200 forms if anything does happen.

9) The pub, even though it’s dark, smells of old urine and beer and there is guaranteed to be one weirdo in the corner, there really is nothing better. 

10) Being able to turn on the telly and understand EVERYTHING. 

11) Being able to say words like ‘telly’, ‘hob’ and ‘bread butty’ without people squinting at you and asking you to speak slower.

12) Primark. Okay we have Primark here but it’s just not the same everything’s in Euros and I haven’t seen one single Onesie. 

13) On that note, I miss: New Look, Superdrug and Greggs too.

Sigh, isn’t England wonderful?

Love, Robyn.

8 thoughts on “The things I miss most about England…”

      1. That’s not very civilized-sounding, now that you mention it. I’ve never seen any fleas. We have garage and estate sales, but that is different. I’ve never seen anyone sell anything out of the back of their cars. The closest thing I can think of is at Halloween, some churches have Trunk or Treats in a parking lot, and cars are decorated and have their trunks full of candy for kids. It’s a recent invention to keep kids safe, since there are so many creepy people. And now I’ve talked your ear off.


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