Do I really need it in my life?


Im not talking about the pug FYI, it’s not mine but I definately need one in my life. 

As as well confessed Instagram-o-holic, I’m too far in to buck the trend and stop posting pictures of food and pugs…but I don’t why?! I don’t know why lying in bed, staring at my phone for 35 minutes on a morning is so interesting? yes it’s a form of procrastination but what do I REALLY get out of it? 

The answer: a mild sense of involvment, perhaps the colours and pretty pictures fascinate the part of my head that still operate like a 2 year old (ooh pretty colours), confirmation that my life and ideas are just as fun and interesting as everyone else’s?! 

And we all do it, we mindlessly post #cocktails #drinks #mylifeissogreatandidontcarethatidonthaveajobormighthavegotabitfat and it’s our way of letting everyone else know that we’re happy.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and I’m definately not deleting my account (I just need it. NEED). But I just wonder when it stops been fun and starts to become a little harmful. (That might sound a bit dramatic and too serious for the usual funny lists you find on here and I guess maybe it is.) But when it comes a little bit obsessive Or even when it makes you feel bad about yourself because you woke up this morning and you weren’t Suki Waterhouse or you weren’t at the #gym what do you do then? Normally, I sigh put down the biscuit I’m eating (for approximately 25 seconds) and then move on. But still for 25 seconds I just feel like a grey blob of blobbiness and maybe later on it will happen again. And i don’t like feeling like a grey blob of blobbiness. 

And the solution to not feeling like said grey blob of blobbiness? Delete the account?! Stop caring about what other people think?! Stop thinking that everybody #wokeuplikethis?! 

Hmm something along those lines but right now all I can think is that I have a whole mornings worth  of stream to stare at and packet of biscuits to eat, 

Love, Robyn. 

P.s a funny post will be up sometime this afternoon in case this wasn’t your cup of tea. 

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