The most annoying things in life 


Okay this sounds very pessimistic. And yes it is. 

  • Autocorrect, autocorrect is the most despised thing in my life right now and probably will ruin a point in the post. So thanks in advance. 
  • Making a cup of tea. Tea is too hot. Leaving the tea to cool. Forgetting about said cup of tea. 
  • Thinking your phone has been on charge for 2 hours. It hasn’t. 
  • Trying to have a conversation with someone and they won’t let you get a sentence in.
  • Having to do washing. 
  • When you have to wait in ALL day because the delivery man will come between 12.30 and 18.00. Great, try and be vaguer. 
  • Buses, hot smelly buses, in summer, oh god the pain.
  • People who don’t indicate when leaving a roundabout.
  • Saturday afternoons in Primark.
  • Anytime ever waiting for food to cook. 
  • Software updates when alll you wanted to do was change your Facebook status to ‘woo summer’ and then having to spend a painful hour sorting things out.
  • Leaving the house, your bus comes in 2 minutes but now you need a power piss. Ow. 
  • When the wine runs out. 
  • Having to pair socks together. 
  • When you have exactly enough change for Cornish pasty but it turns out they’ve increased the price by 10p and now you have to use a crisp £20 note. 
  • When somebody farts in a lift. 
  • When you know exactly what shirt to wear and can imagine how great you’ll look. Getting home and realising it’s got barbeque sauce down it.
  • Doing your liquid eyeliner perfectly and then having to sneeze. Why god why?!
  • Pushing on a ‘pull’ door. The embarrassment. 
  • Trying to take that new kaftan back to Topshop, but ooh look you forgot your receipt.
  • Missing someone’s called by 1 second, calling them back, they’re busy. HOW?! 
  • Realising your shampoo is empty..whilst you’re in the shower, never whilst your in the supermarket.
  • When you’ve been thinking about left over food in the fridge all day and you get home and some son of a bitch has eaten it. 

Love, Robyn.

7 thoughts on “The most annoying things in life ”

  1. Finally someone has the time to take care of this! Also you should include:
    -Mouth breathers
    -Tall guys at movie theaters
    -Idiots who shamelessly smoke in public and then exhale on you
    -Downloading a movie and having the little “time left” thing keep going up and up

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