Once upon a time…in real life 

  The bit where Carrie goes for cocktails  in Sex and the City would be 2 for £8 pitchers at her local wetherspoons. Whenever Hugh Grant was being charmingly English, people  wouldn't actually be ale to understand him and the local veg man would shout 'eh what you talking about mate??'. The Prince Charming never… Continue reading Once upon a time…in real life 


Do I really need it in my life?

 Im not talking about the pug FYI, it's not mine but I definately need one in my life. As as well confessed Instagram-o-holic, I'm too far in to buck the trend and stop posting pictures of food and pugs...but I don't why?! I don't know why lying in bed, staring at my phone for 35 minutes… Continue reading Do I really need it in my life?


Things  it’s okay to do (because nobody’s perfect) 

Eat everything except the raisins in muesli (because blurghk).To actively ignore the washing up, even when it smells and might be growing a rare form of fungus. To wear leggings as trousers more often than you should.  To run for the bus, miss the bus and then pretend that you were never running for the bus in… Continue reading Things  it’s okay to do (because nobody’s perfect)