Why being 8 was great 



Sorry about the unintentional rhyming. Okay I’m not sorry. 

  • Dinner was always ready and sometimes it even included smiley potato faces. 
  • It was perfectly acceptable to wear pink leg warmers to non uniform days. 
  • Christmas meant PRESENTS and usually about 4 or 5 really creep Bratz dolls. 
  • Never having to text anyone to organise things. You knew the drill, be there or be square. 
  • Getting married in the playground at school. 
  • When they rolled out the big TV in class, you knew it was gunna be the best afternoon in your life. 
  • Homework was mainly just glueing or sticking, or colouring in. 
  • Being able to sit on the bench in assembly meant you were basically the queen and everyone else were your humble peasants. 
  • Still being able to fit your hips in the swings at the park. 
  • A birthday party without twister was not a thing. 
  • Being able to give your mum a random drawing you made at after school club for her birthday. 
  • Going to sleepovers and getting a sugar high after drinking fizzy vimto. 
  • Telling a boy you liked by telling your friend who told her friend who told his friend. 
  • If your shoes didn’t light up, you were nothing. 
  • Caterpillar cakes. 
  • The egg decorating competition was the fiercest event of the year. 
  • Talking about what you were going to wear to non uniform day about 3 weeks before. 

Love, Robyn. 

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