Try not to be disappointed  

Do you ever sit and look at what you’ve written and think omg what the hell is that mumbo jumbo fluffing fluff?! 

Because today I’m having one of those days, I’m looking at the screen and already there’s spelling mistakes or my Readers not working so I cant like and see all the wonderful things you’re all writing about. And it drives me crazy. 

Up the wall and it seems like this happening more and more I want to create things and make things but it’s more often than not I’m spending hours fighting with my brain and producing things that are just poop.

And we’ll not only that, I’m a little disheartened, I try to not look at the views and I try to be positive but it’s always going to be hard when you’re putting yourself out on the Internet, when you’re letting other people see you and your soul and you just feel like people on general find you less interesting than before.

I’m trying to create things that aren’t the poopoo that my mind thinks of, but sometimes it’s hard.

And I guess today’s post is looking for some kind of reassurance, does this happen to you? Do you sometimes feel like you’ve given so much and now you’re wondering what to do? Do you have any tips or tricks for focusing on the positive things?

But all that said, don’t forget I love you guys, this blog got me being creative again so if there’s anything you want to say to me or want me to write about please let me know, I’m always happy to hear from you. 

Have a wonderful week, Love Robyn. 

23 thoughts on “Try not to be disappointed  ”

  1. Sometimes I feel so kinda grotesque * shot! WTH did I just write * and but then once my friend told me why do you feel like getting appreciation from others, you should know you write well n obviously others aren’t that interested, some might be but just be calm 🙂
    So Robyn I think we both or other people should think we write for ourselves, to make our days bearable with this WP baby! What others think will make us a sycophant 😀
    ahhhh #breath 😂😂😂😂

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      1. You’re an awesomesauce 😁😁
        Yeah I freak our daily trying to see whether people gonna like my post or not! It fidgets my out but then my demon shouts in my ear saying *Don’t you give a damn now * 😀

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      2. Wow, two months? That’s how long I’ve been blogging! 🙂 Our blog babies are so cute. But yeah, I do freak out a lot of times by what I write o_O

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  2. yes, that happens here, too. the past couple of days I wrote blog posts each day and didn’t post them – I was so foggy with depression thoughts that I was worried about posting so i didn’t. my blog also got me back to writing and when I’m feeling blocked with my other writings i come and write on my blog just the same – a sort of lubricant –

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  3. I feel like this a lot. I’m starting to feel that even those things we may feel are not as good, or poorly written have merits in their own respects. Imperfections tell a little story inside a story. Keep at it!

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  4. Robyn, I’ll give you a different perspective (or maybe it’s really not because like the others, it is meant to be encouraging). When I first starting reading your blog posts, the spelling and grammar mistakes drove me crazy. But that’s my problem, not yours. I’m just a fussy Virgo who nitpicks too much. I’ve come to understand that those mistakes are distinctively you and now I don’t think I would want it to be any other way. And really, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks. This blog is YOURS! You make it whatever you want it to be. You’re sharing pieces of yourself and so in that sense, nothing you write is bad, because it’s all you.

    I think anyone who writes has moments of doubt, but that’s normal. Just write whatever you want and those who love it will find you and stay and those that don’t… won’t. Just be yourself and have fun. You’ve got a beautiful perspective on this crazy world and I love seeing things through your eyes. Keep up the good work.


    1. Haha okay I have to say my spelling is genuinely not that bad, I write all my posts on an IPad with a cracked screen so autocorrect wreaks its havoc (I promise it’s not me, I’m an English tutor) haha but thank I’m glad you appreciate my perspective! It’s hard sometimes but you just have to keep soldiering on! Thanks for stopping by! X

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  5. I have no great advice except to just keep writing:) I’ve had those days (weeks) where it seems like everything I write is just blah. So I won’t post or I’ll procrastinate by eating ice cream sandwiches in my bathtub. Last week was like this for me (lots of ice cream sandwiches) and I barely posted things. You’re not alone, maybe that’ll help-it helps me knowing I’m not the only one who struggles:) Blessings!!!

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