I have a question for you…


(Disclaimers note: the cat doing the brilliant ‘ermagawd face’ is not mine nor is the brilliant picture) 

Do you want to tweet me your Instagram so I can like your pictures and share them on Facebook?

Social media at its finest. It lets everybody know what you’ve done, where you’ve done it and why! It’s the forefront of journalism, a wonder of the 21st century…..

And is it really all that great? 

Sometimes I think yes, like wow people all over the world can read my blogs! But then I think yes but people all over the world have access to my information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and learn everything about me, like even what I had for breakfast last Tuesday. Kinda freaky really. 

And it’s not just that, you probably heard me talk about this before but what also really really bugs me is the way everybody’s lives get showcased on all these different little platforms. WHO HAS THE MOST FUN?! WHO GOES TO FANCY RESTAURANTS NOT JUST FOR THEIR BIRTHDAYS?! who who who?! It’s all a bit of a contest really, and that just really grinds my gears (again with these cliché quotes, I’m sorry).

So more and more I’m trying to look at Instagram and try not to feel bad that I spent last night watching Big Bang Theory and eating Jaffa cakes instead of being a clubs where they put face paint on you. IM TRYING. 

But it’s hard, it’s hard to see everybody having a jolly old time. But then I also have to think that nobody would Instagram their weetabix or them going to the shop to buy shampoo (unless it was really fancy shampoo) people just Instagram the best bits. Or they are skilled on the art of filters and have managed to make weetabix look interesting (sorry but they are the most boring breakfast ever).

So don’t worry, everybody does boring things just nobody talks about them. 

Hmm can’t help but feel like I’ve gone off on a tangent, ah yes the devil that is social media, where do you stand? 

Love Robyn! 

31 thoughts on “I have a question for you…”

  1. Mostly under trees…oh that’s not what you asked. Well I rather spend the night watching Big Bang…talking of Big Bang Theory I still haven’t watched Sn 8. Again not what you asked. I obviously I stand outside and just watch and participate once in a while.

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  2. I like social media because it can tell you how people feel about politics , relationships and other interesting facets of life. However, i don’t need to know about tatoos, personal relationship details and other things that aren’t any of my business. I do like the humor that is sent over the internet.

    Pinterest is becoming a favorite of mine.Finding like minded individuals is worth while.

    As long as I mentioned like mindedness, keep in mind that the Arab Spring was brought to many actions after it was ignited on the internet. People earned freedom in some instances but the horror of war also resulted.

    Have a nice day R

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  3. I am really starting to LOATHE Pinterest. That was all that I was on before I became a blogger. Nothing else for me thankyouverymuch. I prefer to keep in touch with people on the phone, with letters, and in person! I am truly old fashioned I suppose.

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      1. Yeah I see marriages ruined over Facebook. I see people fixate on their phones and literally miss out on their own lives.


      2. It’s the sad truth, I think when I was in school it was more important but now it’s not that interesting and o would definitely post anything personal! Idk how people do that!

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      3. Yeah people think it is a place to air their dirty laundry. Nobody wants to smell that.


  4. Internet just hit it big when I was in high school, we had Myspace… What do you know about that??? Good ole Tom, wanting to be everybody’s friend.

    Anyways, Social Media distracts me so much as you and I both know, The struggles with phone anxiety. Facebook is not so bad, I’ve learned to limit myself on there, and I deleted a bunch of random people, so as not to get to depressed by all their achievements.


    1. Facebook defiantly used to be way more important when I was in night school but I think it’s a bunch of people I don’t know anymore :p haha my biggest problems are however wasting hours of my life looking at screens:p thanks for dropping by!

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  5. I don’t know what a Jaffa cake is but I’d much rather stay in, eat Jaffa cakes and watch The Big Bang Theory than go to a club. I do like Twitter though! I think it’s interesting. I also like Instagram, not because my pictures are great but because I like to look at other photos. Some of them are so cool!


    1. What?! Where are you from?! It’s basically cake with a orange jelly jam bit in the middle covered in dark chocolate, basically the best things ever! I love Twitter that’s usually where my technology black hole starts x

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      1. Iowa? Haha well, in any case. That sounds delicious and I’m going on a hunt to find them.


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