9 stages to not being able to fall asleep

If I told you that this morning has been run on coffee and jam sandwiches, oh and lying to myself about not needing a nap then you might guess where inspiration came for this post. 

1.  The first stage comes directly after you’ve just turned everything off, put your phone away and you’ve done that weird wiggley snuggley thing to get all comfortable. 

2. Okay come forth sleep. I’m waiting for you, where are you. 


3. *boyfriend/girlfriend/anyone snoring* a part of me really wants to make a loud noise so that they wake up and we can talk about we can sleep and why not. THIS IS SO UNFAIR, WAKE UP! 

4. okay well maybe I can count sheep. Counting sheep always works….or maybe I could just check WordPress one more time, or Facebook or what about a snack?

5. Hmm but food or WordPress would mean moving and waking up the snorey person next to me. Ok try and think or really uninteresting things…

6. Okay great if I fall asleep right now I’ll have 6 hours of sleep,until I have to wake up and be nice to humans.

7. Ooh finally I might be falling asleep, yes definitely, eyelids are heavy…oh wait I thought too much about it and Yep I’m awake again.

8. maybe I can try rolling over *moves and rolls 65 times before returning back to original sleeping position* ah perfect.

9. Tomorrow morning I’m going to go to Starbucks and ask for just straight coffee powder, maybe they’ll even pour it into my mouth so I can save what little strength I have.

Love from a sleepy Robyn.

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10 thoughts on “9 stages to not being able to fall asleep”

      1. sorry – clearly i didnt get enough sleep either haha I mean sleep hypnotherapy app 🙂 there are loads of them in the app store and they are great. basically someone talking and nice music until you zone out. they are great I have a few different ones.


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