Is the Internet getting nicer? 

Did you miss it?? 

No you can’t of, you just can’t of, every body knows about it.

I mean how on earth could anybody have missed the new Vanity Fair cover?

This is the newly unveiled ‘Caitlyn Jenner’, ahhh now you know who I mean! Personally I think she looks great and as cheesy as it may sound it must be such a relief after all these years to finally be who she wants to be. 

Anyway after reading about this on several forms of social media, I thought of today’s post and I thought I would kind of tell all the mean people off. Well that was after a better look on the world of the Internet, it turns out people were being nice! 

And it got me thinking, maybe just maybe we’re on to this new path of acceptance?  Countless celebrities said words of support and admiration for Caitlyn and I just couldn’t help but thinking, wow it seems like the celebrity world has united to make a good impression and generally set a good example! 

This also got me thinking that it’s not the first time in recent news that celebrities and us have all been a little bit more friendly, a while back I wrote an article about supersize model Tess Holliday, she’s a size 22 and seemed to do the impossible and break into the fashion world. Although I have my doubts about her agency’s sincerity about changing people’s perception of body image (and that she might just be a publicity tool) I was still amazed by how much love and acceptance she got!

Of course this is the Internet and like any source of power it has the the power to do evil just as much as it has to do good, but I’m not going to talk about the mean people. Today I wanted to say well done people of the Internet for using your power for good!

Love Robyn.

13 thoughts on “Is the Internet getting nicer? ”

  1. As awesome as it is that she’s getting so much acceptance and support in her new life, there’s something unrelated that really freaks me out about this mag cover: the fact that a person in her 60’s feels the need to have a nude-ish glamor shot on a huge magazine cover. There’s something unhealthy about that, to my way of thinking. I would hope for every woman that she would have outgrown that kind of misogyny-driven emphasis on body as she matures. But then, anyone who willingly spent a chunk of their life with the Kardashians obviously has a whole realm of issues that have to be less than healthy…


  2. I agree with you – I think the overall reaction has been so positive, that it can only seek to encourage and reaffirm to others in a similar situation. I would however, be slightly cynical of other celebrities in their outpouring of support, I think there is definite potential that posting positive comments would have more to do with raising their profile, than supporting Caitlyn on her new journey. But that’s just cynical little me.
    Also – at 60 + she’s never had the opportunity to show off her body in this way and as her first photo shoot I have nothing but admiration in her for having the confidence to say….’this is me’.
    Suzy x


  3. I think the Internet is “nice” in most situations. I find humor, compliments and art to mention a few nice things. The “bad” part usually stems from the cowards who use the anonymity to voice their poison. Politicians also use the social pages to vilify the opponents and the views they espouse. Hopefully it is improving.


  4. I wish I got more insults from people because it’s so much fun to make it explode in their face. But I guess mean people probably don’t read comic strips with cute bunnies.

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