5 reasons why it’s ok to take a gap year..

So as you’ve probably read on my ‘about‘ page, I’m on my gap year right now, only it had a lot less jazzy patterned trousers than I would have hoped for it It’s been pretty great so far. Although I do have to say it wasn’t the easiest desicison  to come by especially when all your friends are going to freshers weeks and living crazy student lives. But sometimes it’s just important to ignore what everyone else is doing but as the saying goes, the grass is always greener. So here are my 5 reasons why it’s okay to have a year off. 

1) This time last year I was fairly set on studying History and English at university, I literally couldn’t think of anything else I was good at. But now ask me a year later and EVERYTHINGS CHANGED. Sometimes all you need is a bit more time to realise what you actually want to do. 

2) Go see things and meet people and be able to one of those really annoying people that says ‘well this one time on my gap yah…’. Fabulous.

3) Don’t worry about what your friends think or if you’ll miss them, or how good university is! A gap year is the university of life (I’m so so sorry I just said that please don’t take my blog away from me). But cheesey stuff aside you’ll have plenty of time to go to university, don’t worry about it.

4) You might learn a new language without having to think about the plusquamperfekt or irregular verbs. In fact you can even learn it in the pub or shopping or anywhere, sounds much better.

5) You’ll  never know until you try, could be rubbish or it could most likely be pretty great and even if it is rubbish you can always come back to your mum and dads and go to uni next year.

Love Robyn.

P.s.want a blast from the past? Listy goodness here

12 thoughts on “5 reasons why it’s ok to take a gap year..”

  1. I didn’t take a gap year, but I’m glad you are enjoying yours. I think it is OK, but don’t gap too much! As a career college educator, I BELIEVE in the power of a college education, whether it is the traditional university or some kind of technical education such as in the health field. I love reading your blog so I hope no one takes it away from you. Best wishes for much success.

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  2. I took 13 gap years with zero regrets! Working on my degrees now and have perfect grades abs a healthy 11 year old, a solid marriage and a much better idea of who I am and what I wanted a degree in. I knew if I jumped into college at 18 I would have wasted buckets of time and money getting a degree in something I wouldn’t want to do as an actual career. So don’t be afraid to let life take you wherever it seems right for you to go! Xoxoxoxo

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