Stop letting Monday morning kick you in the balls

oh God, I feel it. I feel the Monday morningness today, I’m already grumpy and a bit annoyed and wish I could go back to Sunday. Sunday is a much better day filled with chocolate and sleepiness and a relaxed approach to responsibilities.

Monday morning seems to have this way of making everything seem 10X worse

It starts as soon as the alarm goes off and the realisation hits that today is THE DAY.

It then gets progressively worse and normal mundane tasks become increasingly difficult, such as drinking a cup of coffee or even putting on your trousers.

Then the realisation that you’ve  forget your memory stick at home, or your lunch or your dignity.

Then having to deal with happy ‘morning’ people.

You just wish something would go right in. Your life FOR ONCE!

The dawning realisation that this happens EVERY WEEK.

And anything that isn’t a glowing compliment towards you seems to be a a huge ‘fuck you’.

Aha but it’s all gunna be okay, Monday’s are part of the rich tapestry of life..I’m just kidding I don’t really say things like that. But seriously don’t let Monday kick you in the balls anymore, have a great day.

Love, Robyn.

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