10 signs you’ve spent too much time with your family…


^This is supposed to represent a meme version of my family, go with it and don’t tell them about it.

Ahh Christmas is slowly backing out of the month of December and taking away with it our dignity, money and skill for wearing none Pyjama-ry clothes. So heres a few signs that means you and your family might have molded into one big mush of a person this festive season.

1) Whenever you watch Gogglebox, you always get the feeling that you, yourselves are being recorded too.

2) Calling each other names like twot and Tizz Wozz has become a part of everyday life.

3) You’ve started heckling your mum if she doesn’t come out of the kitchen with a multitude of snacks and biscuits. Or a roasted leg of lamb.

4) You’re not sure if any of your family members do actually own clothing which isn’t pyjamas.

5) You suspect that guests and visitors of the like have started to think that The Royles has been loosely based on you and your nearest and dearest.

6) You’ve all had to avoid addressing heart palpitations and headaches after Christmas day’s mega binge.

7) Your family might be personally responsible for the whisky/wine shortage (in the world).

8) Your mum has daily panics that theres not enough food even though theres enough to feed a small army.

9) The dog has now got so used to everyone being sat in thesame room, he has taken to following people to the toilet just in case they don’t come back.

10) You’ve started to come out in sweats if theres only the coconut Quality Streets left.

love Robyn

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